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  • Healthcare Headlines Week of December 07, 2015

    December 11, 2015

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    One House Call Has Big Aging-in-Place Payoff

    When it comes to helping seniors age in their own home, an in-home assessment from a physician or nurse practitioner goes a long way. Read More

    Health Care to Lead Job Growth Through 2024

    Health care is expected to add more jobs than any other sector through 2024, including at least 394,900 hospital jobs, the Bureau of Labor Statistics projected today. Read More

    U.S. Family Doctors Plan to Provide More Varied Care in Future

    U.S. family doctors entering the profession today plan to provide a wider variety of medical services than their predecessors, a recent study suggests. Read More

    The New Boundaries Between Doctors and Patients

    In a time when almost everyone shares almost everything, the question of boundaries between a doctor and patient is thornier than ever. Read More

    Add This to Challenges of Old Age: Keeping your Teeth

    Providing dental care to seniors is fraught with challenges. According to the American Dental Association, a fifth of people age 75 and older haven't seen a dentist in the past five years. Read More

    Nurses Take on More Tasks, Still Lack in Diversity

    While nurses are more frequently getting higher degrees and being allowed to practice independently of a physician, the profession still struggles in terms of diversity and leadership, concludes a report released Friday. Read More

    Forget Old Age, It's Time to Live Long and Really Prosper

    Given the option of a 30-year life extension, who would apply it only to old age? Yet, this is precisely what we're doing. Life expectancy nearly doubled in the 20th century, with all those extra years tacked on at the end. Read More  

    Senate Hearing Highlights Impact Of Rising Drug Costs On Hospitals

    The recent wave of increases in the cost of prescription drugs is straining hospital budgets and squeezing patients, hospital and other health care witnesses today told the Senate Aging Committee at a hearing on "sudden price hikes" in off-patent drugs. Read More

    Payers, States At Odds On CMS Plan To Fix Dual-Eligible Underpayment

    Health plans and state Medicaid directors disagree on how the CMS should fix its problem of underpaying plans with high numbers of dually eligible Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries. Read More


    *Opinions expressed in any of the included stories or their publications do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Kindred Healthcare. This blog post is a compilation of news stories from other sources that have appeared during the past week.

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