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  • Healthcare Headlines - November '16 in Review

    December 01, 2016

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    ICD-10 One Year Later: The Terror is Over, the Rewards Yet to Materialize

    It's been a year since the big lift of converting the entire claim stream for the healthcare industry to the larger and more granular ICD-10 family of diagnostic and procedural codes. Read More   

    Hospitals Add Nearly 7,000 Jobs in September

    Employment at the nation's hospitals rose by 0.1% in September to a seasonally adjusted 5,110,200 people, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. Read More   

    Your Phone May Be Smart, But Your Doctor Still Knows More Than an App

    If you're feeling sick and you want to know what's wrong with you, there's an app for that. But the diagnosis won't be as accurate as the one you'd get from a doctor - not by a long shot. Read More   

    How the 'Re-Engineered Hospital' Presents a Home Health Opportunity

    Some big thinkers believe that the heart of the U.S. health care system is shifting away from hospitals and other institutional settings, into people's homes. Read More   

    An Idea Borrowed From South Africa: Ordinary Citizens Fill Gaps in Health Care

    Destini Belton isn't a doctor or a nurse. She's a trained health coach, and as a trusted neighbor in Harlem, she goes where clinics and hospitals can't - into patients' homes to understand the mundane but vital details of their lives. Read More   

    Medical School Enrollment Climbs 1.9%

    Enrollment in U.S. medical schools grew 1.9% in 2016 to 21,030 students, the Association of American Medical Colleges announced. Read More   

    Study: Many Caregivers Spend $7K Annually Out Of Pocket

    Denise Sleeper has sold her home, spent most of her retirement savings and quit her job to care for her husband since his Alzheimer's disease struck two years ago. Read More  

    Despite Walgreens, CVS Clinics, Hospital ERs Still Used for Routine Care

    Retail clinics have become a popular choice for routine aliments and quick primary care treatment, but they may not be reducing visits to emergency departments, according to a new analysis. Read More  

    More 'Elder Orphans' Without Family Nearby Needing Help

    Mary Sailor says she is the last living person in her immediate family. Read More   

    Home Health, Hospice Predicted to See Strong Growth in 2017

    Professionals and investors in the health care services industry are optimistic about the industry's future business performance-and they're particularly bullish about the growth of the home health and hospice sector in the coming year. Read More  


    *Opinions expressed in any of the included stories or their publications do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Kindred Healthcare. This blog post is a compilation of news stories from other sources that have appeared during the past month.

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