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    Therapy Careers at Kindred

    Rehabilitation Is Part of Everything We Do

    We know the importance of rehabilitation. We see it every day when patients are able to take their first step, and we savor the moments when they can return home. As the nation’s largest provider of rehabilitation therapy, we offer careers in physical, speech and occupational therapies in a variety of settings across the country. Welcome to the company that appreciates the unique challenges that face rehabilitation professionals.


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    RehabCare is the leading and premier provider of physical, occupational and speech-language rehabilitation services in 47 states. RehabCare provides contract therapy services across multiple settings including skilled nursing facilities, assisted living facilities (ALFs), independent living facilities (ILFs), continuing care retirement communities (CCRCs) and outpatient facilities. RehabCare also provides rehabilitation services to Kindred’s own nursing and rehabilitation centers in addition to more than 1,000 non-Kindred facilities.

    As the nation’s premier provider of rehab services, RehabCare is a great place to begin your career or advance it to the next level. Our experience in managing episodes of care across the post-acute continuum is unmatched in the industry, and we have the opportunities, tools, training and support to help you become one of the best.


    Transitional Care Hospitals

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    Kindred Transitional Care Hospitals (certified as long-term acute care hospitals and licensed as acute care hospitals) provide aggressive, specialized interdisciplinary care to medically complex patients who require extended recovery time. These patients are ill and have few care options left; they come to us because they require aggressive, specialized care and prolonged recovery and are unable to recover completely in the short-term setting.

    Kindred Hospitals represent the most acute level of care in Kindred’s care continuum, and each employee in nursing, therapy, case management and support is integral to delivering quality care and service to our sickest patients. Caring for patients in this acute care setting requires high energy, close attention to patient conditions that change from day to day, and an ability to learn quickly. Individuals who excel in Kindred Hospitals collaborate well with the entire team for each care episode.

    Our Kindred Hospital employees are deeply committed to patient care and recovery. Their dedication to patients with some of the most challenging medical conditions in healthcare makes each clinical success especially rewarding.

    Kindred Hospital Rehabilitation Services

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    Kindred Hospital Rehabilitation Services provides rehabilitation services in Kindred’s own hospitals, acute rehabilitation units, joint venture facilities and freestanding inpatient rehabilitation facilities.

    Patients admitted to our inpatient rehabilitation hospitals and acute rehab units benefit from specialized intense rehabilitation for medical needs that preclude them from being accepted into a less intense level of care such as a skilled nursing facility. The goal of inpatient rehab is to enable patients to return home or live as independently as possible through care that is specialized and intensive. Prospective patients require daily physician oversight, a minimum of two types of therapy and 24-hour nursing care and are treated for conditions such as stroke, spinal cord recovery and brain injury rehabilitation. High-intensity therapy patients spend an average of 11.9 days in inpatient rehab.

    As part of interdisciplinary teams with low clinician-to-patient ratios, clinicians in inpatient rehab must be attentive and collaborative in order to meet the needs of each patient and ensure the best possible outcomes. Whether it’s a short length of stay or an unpredictable condition that can require months of care, our inpatient rehab therapists and support staff are committed to delivering intensive, multidisciplinary care to transition patients home or to a lower level of care as quickly as possible.

    Nursing and Rehabilitation Centers

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    Nursing and Rehabilitation Centers

    As skilled nursing facilities across the country have changed to meet the diverse needs of today’s patients and residents, the nurses, therapists and support staff in Kindred Nursing and Rehabilitation Centers enjoy a diverse patient and case mix. Today's resident might be an active senior citizen recovering from a knee replacement before returning to the golf course or a young mother receiving physical therapy to recover from an auto accident. For some patients with conditions like dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, a Kindred Nursing and Rehabilitation Center is home. In every scenario, the chance to work with the same patients every day and often care for previous generations of patients makes working in a nursing center a meaningful occupation.

    Our quality is a result of clinical expertise as well as empathy for families, respect for the dignity of residents and the joy of seeing people recover. Our clinicians deliver high-quality care and guide treatment management while our support staff ensures the smooth daily operation of the facility. Each employee’s dedication is essential to meet and exceed the expectations of each patient, resident and family we serve.

    Subacute Units

    Kindred’s subacute units are located within our transitional care hospitals and serve as a bridge to transition patients from the hospital to a lower level of care or back to the community. The nurses, therapists and support staff in our subacute units perform much of the same care as in a skilled nursing facility but are prepared for patients of high acuity who are transitioning from the transitional care hospital setting.

    Assisted Living

    Caregiving for seniors in a Kindred assisted living facility is a rewarding career that offers our nurses and activities and support staff the chance to make a positive difference every day. The residents in our communities rely on our employees to provide them with a safe and engaging environment 365 days a year. Our teams of compassionate, creative and responsible individuals assist residents with activities of daily living as well as design programs and activities that are enjoyable.

    Home Health and Hospice

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    Kindred at Home seeks to deliver quality professional medical, rehabilitative, palliative and end-of-life care for all patients, including those with acute, long-term or terminal needs. Through our extensive network of affiliates and locations, our experienced nurses, therapists and aides focus on each unique patient to deliver the appropriate care and emotional support to our patients and their families.


    Kindred at Home hospice team members are compassionate individuals with the “hospice heart” – an unwavering dedication to each patient during life’s final season. Hospice clinicians recognize their unique ability to guide people to live out the remainder of their lives with as much comfort and dignity as possible. Our hospice teams embrace the special circumstances of caring for patients with life-limiting illnesses and develop relationships with patients and their family members.

    Our hospice nurses and aides become the teachers of care in support of the caregivers, and at Kindred at Home we provide our teams with everything they need to meet the physical, emotional, spiritual and social needs of the patients and families we serve.

    Home Health

    By working in home health, our nurses, therapists and aides choose a career that allows them to get to know patients in a most natural environment – at home. Our dedicated employees grow personally through the relationships they build with the diverse people they treat, and our clinicians expand their expertise by treating patients who are medically complex.

    Our home health clinicians are independent and adaptive individuals who work in different homes and face a number of medical challenges every day. These employees are sensitive to changing patient conditions, and they act as patient advocates by delivering appropriate care and providing the medical team with ongoing reports.

    Our teams provide this personalized care at home to each unique patient to address appropriate medical, rehabilitative, emotional and support needs. Kindred at Home’s quality care and patient outcomes are a direct result of the commitment Kindred at Home has to its clinicians and the commitment our clinicians have to their patients.

  • Investing in Our Community

    On behalf of those patients and residents we serve each day we raise awareness and critical funding for the diseases and conditions that most affect them and their loved ones. We are proud to provide increased local community support by providing matching donations to the funds raised by employees. Read more.

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