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    Kenneth Success Story

    After a serious car accident, Kenneth was unable to stand, walk or use his hands due to nerve damage. The Kindred Transitional Care and Rehabilitation team tailored an aggressive plan of therapy. To quote Kenneth, "Kindred taught me how to walk and use my hands again so that I was able to return to my job."

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  • Where You Recover Affects How You Recover

    Every year, more than 34 million patients are discharged from inpatient hospital care. For many of these patients a quick recovery is impossible. They require specialized medical and rehabilitative care after a short stay in a traditional hospital ­ they need post-acute care ­ in order to recover and regain independence. The goal of post-acute care is to provide recovery, help patients regain function and ensure an independent lifestyle while helping reduce re-admission to acute care hospitals.

    Kindred offers services including aggressive, medically complex care, intensive care and short-term rehabilitation in transitional care hospitals, inpatient rehabilitation hospitals, nursing and rehabilitation centers, subacute units, assisted living facilities and, home care and hospice.

    At Kindred Healthcare we understand that each of our patients have unique needs and unique stories. We work every day to provide care that helps those stories end with people returning home.

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