Open Enrollment

    What is the benefit enrollment deadline?
    Employees must enroll in benefits within 31 days of their date of hire or their change to a benefit-eligible status by calling the Kindred Enrollment Call Center via the Kindred HUB at 800.991.6171.

    Do I need to call to enroll in the company-paid life and disability insurance?
    You will receive the company-provided benefits automatically. We do, however, encourage employees to call the Kindred HUB to designate the beneficiary for your basic life insurance benefit.

    When are deductions taken for Kindred benefits?
    The benefit deductions vary; some are every paycheck and some are taken monthly on the first paycheck of the month.

    Each Paycheck:

    • Healthcare
    • Dental
    • Vision
    • Dependent Care Flexing Spending Account
    • Critical Illness
    • Group Accident
    • Whole Life
    • Group Hospital Indemnity Insurance
    • Short-term Disability Buy-up

    Monthly (first paycheck of the month):

    • Supplemental Life
    • Dependent Life
    • Long-term Disability Buy-up
    • Hyatt Legal
    • Commuter Spending Account
    • Identity Theft Protection

    If I enroll in healthcare and/or dental and/or vision benefits, will I receive an identification (ID) card?

    • You will receive two ID cards for healthcare
    • Express Scripts, who administers the prescription drug program, issues a maximum of two ID cards
    • Cigna does not provide ID cards
    • Anthem (Vision) issues ID cards

    What if I need services before I receive my ID card?
    If you need services on or after your effective date and haven't received your ID card, please call the Kindred HUB at 800.991.6171 for assistance.

    If I cover a dependent on my healthcare, dental or vision plans, must I provide dependent documentation?
    Dependent verification must be submitted within 41 days from your hire date or the date you changed to a benefit-eligible status.

    Why a Consumer Directed Healthcare Plan (CDHP)?
    We want you to have flexibility, be accountable and save for future healthcare costs.

    What is a Health Savings Account (HSA)?
    An HSA is a tax-favored savings account that may be used to pay for qualified healthcare expenses for yourself, your spouse and your IRS tax-qualified dependents.

    Who can open an HSA?
    HSAs are governed by the Internal Revenue Code (IRC), and you must meet the following eligibility requirements to qualify for a HSA:
    1. You must be enrolled in a CDHP.
    2. You cannot be covered by any other healthcare plan that is not a CDHP.
    3. You cannot be enrolled in Medicare or Tricare.
    4. You cannot be covered by a healthcare flexible spending account (FSA) (other than for limited benefits only like dental or vision) or health reimbursement account (HRA).
    5. You cannot be claimed as a tax dependent on someone else’s tax return.
    6. You cannot have received Veterans Administration (VA) benefits within the past three months. 

    How often can I change my HSA contribution election?
    You can change your contribution election at any time.

    How much can I contribute to my HSA?
    IRS establishes the maximum amount you can contribute to an HSA each year. In 2014 you can contribute up to $3,300 for single coverage and $6,550 for dependent coverage. Individuals between the ages of 55 and 65 may contribute additional catch-up contributions of up to $1,000 per year.

    How much can I contribute to my HSA through payroll deduction out of my Kindred paycheck?
    The maximum amount you can deposit through payroll deductions including any contributions made by Kindred is:

    • $3,300 single coverage
    • $6,200 dependent coverage

    In addition to your pre-tax contributions through payroll deduction, you may make after-tax contributions to your HSA up to the annual maximum listed in the previous question. These contributions can be made by sending a check to Optum Bank or online at Contributions you make to your HSA are tax-deductible.

    Will Kindred make contributions to my HSA?
    Yes. If you enroll in one of the CDHP options and open an HSA through Optum Bank, Kindred’s banking partner, Kindred will contribute $300 if you cover yourself or $600 if you cover any dependents.

    Will Kindred make additional contributions to my HSA?
    We want you to set aside additional money in your HSA and as long as you have payroll-deducted contributions to your HSA, Kindred will match every dollar you contribute up to a maximum of $25 per month ($300 annual maximum). Please note: in order to receive the match you must have an HSA contribution deducted from your paycheck.  

    Who is responsible for making sure I am in compliance with all HSA regulations?
    It is your responsibility to manage your HSA and maintain compliance with all HSA regulations and requirements. If you have any questions we recommend that you call the IRS or consult a tax, legal or financial advisor about your specific circumstances. For more information see IRS publication 969 at Keep good records such as receipts of your healthcare expenses in case the IRS ever needs to review your use of HSA funds.

    What expenses are qualified for reimbursement from my HSA?
    You are eligible to receive tax-free reimbursement for qualified healthcare expenses, including dental and vision, not covered by your insurance as defined by Section 213(d) of the Tax Code. A list of these expenses is available on the IRS website, HSA distributions used for any purpose other than the qualified healthcare expenses listed will be taxable income and subject to a 20% tax penalty. The 20% tax penalty is waived when you turn 65, become disabled or pass away.

    What expenses apply toward my deductible and out-of-pocket maximum?
    Covered healthcare services and prescription drug charges count toward your deductible and out-of-pocket maximum.

    What if a healthcare expense is more than the amount I have in my HSA?

    You can use only the amount that is currently in your account. If there is not enough money in your account you will have to pay for the service out-of-pocket and reimburse yourself later when more money is deposited into the account.

    If I open an HSA through a financial institution other than Optum Bank, will I still be eligible for Kindred’s contributions?
    No. In order to be eligible for a contribution from Kindred, you must open an HSA through Optum Bank by calling the Kindred enrollment Call Center.

    What happens to my HSA account if I leave Kindred?

    You own the account so the money belongs to you even if you change jobs. However, you can continue to contribute to your HSA only if you are enrolled in a CDHP.

    What happens if I have money left in my HSA at the end of the plan year?
    Unused HSA funds accumulate and roll over to the next year.

    Are there any investment options with my HSA?
    Yes. You can invest some of your HSA dollars in mutual funds. For more information visit or call 866.234.8913.

    Do I have to pay my healthcare provider at the time of service?
    Most in-network providers will not require payment at the time of service. Once the claim is processed, an explanation of benefits will be mailed to you that lists the amount you owe the provider.

    What about healthcare expenses for my dependents who are not covered by my Kindred CDHP?
    You can use your HSA to pay for qualified healthcare expenses for your qualified dependents even if they are not covered by your Kindred CDHP.

    What services are covered by the CDHP plans at 100%?
    In-network preventive care services such as preventive care visits, mammograms and preventive generic drugs are covered at 100% and not subject to the deductible.

    Can an employee use HSA funds for dependents covered by Tricare?
    The money in an HSA can be used for qualified medical expenses for a spouse or tax-qualified dependent's expenses, regardless of other coverage the dependents have.

    Can employees on a leave of absence continue to contribute to their HSA?
    Employees on leave can continue to contribute to the HSA as long as they continue to be covered by a CDHP.

    Can an employee have an HSA with a Medicare supplement plan such as AARP?
    In order to have a Medicare supplement plan, you have to be enrolled in Medicare Parts A and B, which would mean that you are not eligible to contribute to an HSA because you are enrolled in Medicare.

    Can a divorced employee use HSA funds for children covered on the Kindred plan, if the children live with him/her, but the ex-spouse claims the dependent on his/her income taxes?
    Each person's situation is unique and the rules are very complicated. We suggest contacting the IRS or consulting a tax, legal or financial advisor.

    Can I open an HSA if I am over 65 and NOT enrolled in Medicare?

    Can an employee whose spouse is covered under both Kindred and Medicare contribute the family maximum of $6,550?

    Is the $6,550 max for dependent coverage a combined total if your spouse has an HSA as well or can each contribute the $6,550 max?
    $6,550 is the combined maximum for both spouses (including any employer contributions). They can split the contribution as they wish.

    Does the debit card have the employee's name on it?
    Yes. It has the employee's name on it. A card in the name of the spouse and/or dependent children age 18 and over can be requested at no charge by completing the Request for Additional Debit Card - Authorized User Form at You may also contact Optum Bank customer service at 866.234.8913 to request the form.

    Can my spouse use my debit card with my name on it?
    No. You will need to request a debit card in your spouse's name.

    Once approved for the HSA, when will the debit card arrive?
    The Welcome Kit, debit card and PIN are sent separately within 3-5 business days of account opening.

    Does a PIN come with the debit card?
    The PIN is sent separately.

    Will Optum Bank send the employee a monthly statement?
    Statements are available online monthly. If you would like a monthly paper copy mailed to your home, you will need to request it by completing the Statement Delivery Change Request Form at

    You may also contact Optum Bank customer service at 866.234.8913 to request the form.

    Can the HSA account history be accessed via

    Is the process for opening an HSA the same as the process to open a regular checking or savings account?
    Optum Bank follows the required regulations through the USA Patriot Act and OFAC Know your Customer, which requires them to verify the identification of all individuals before approving the opening of an HSA. They do not perform a credit check or use credit worthiness as a criterion for opening an HSA.

    If the employee is denied an HSA and payroll deductions have already been taken, when and how will they get those deductions back?
    Kindred will be notified by Optum Bank should this occur and will make any necessary refunds to the employee.

    Can the employee cancel their CDHP if the HSA account is denied?
    If denied an HSA, employees can cancel their CDHP prior to the effective date of coverage only. They cannot cancel after coverage starts because denial of an HSA is not a reason to cancel coverage under IRS Section 125 rules.

    What happens to the HSA if the employee dies?
    The account would pass to the designated beneficiary, which is elected after the account is opened. If there's no beneficiary designated, it passes to the estate. The Designation of Beneficiary Form is found at You may also contact Optum Bank customer service at 866.234.8913 to request the form.

    How does an employee designate a beneficiary for his/her HSA?
    The individual should complete the Designation of Beneficiary Form and either mail or fax the form to Optum Bank once the account is open. The form can be found at You may also contact Optum Bank customer service at 866.234.8913 to request the form.

    How does an employee close his/her HSA with Optum Bank?
    First, the employee needs to call the Kindred Enrollment Call Center to change his/her payroll-duducted contribution to $0. Second, the employee must complete the Customer Request Account Closure Form found at You may also contact Optum Bank customer service at 866.234.8913 to request the form.

    Can you use HSA dollars for lasik eye surgery?
    Yes. See IRS Publication 502 for details on qualified medical expenses.

    Can I use the money in my HSA to pay for healthcare expenses which incurred prior to opening my HSA?
    No. Qualified expenses must be incurred after the HSA is established.

    If you use the HSA debit card at an ATM, do you have to pay a service charge and, if so, is the fee considered a qualified expense and not subject to an excise tax?
    There is an ATM fee of $1.50 per transaction from Optum Bank and the bank/ATM that the employee uses to withdrawal the funds will also charge their own fee. All fees are qualified; therefore, are not subject to an excise tax.

    Are union sites that are not eligible for Healthy Rewards also eligible to sue the Limeade portal and to participate in the challenges, etc?
    No, because the Limeade portal and associated challenges and raffles would be considered part of our wellness program and are a benefit.