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    The Healthy Steps Wellness program is a multi-faceted approach to well-being. Employees and their covered spouse/domestic partner will have the opportunity to participate in the Healthy Steps Wellness program by completing Well-Being Assessment (WBA). Know your numbers by completing a free health screening – challenge yourselves by participating in special healthy activities and challenges.


    number 1 Create your account. (Returning participants will not be required to create a new account and should sign in with their existing sign-in name and password.)
    All participants will be required to create a new account before accessing the Healthy Steps Wellness portal for the first time. Go online to activate your account at Click the “Activate Account” button.

    You (employee) will need an email address, your eight-digit personnel number (found on your paycheck stub), your last name and your date of birth.

    Spouses/domestic partners will need an email address, the employee’s eight-digit personnel number followed by an “S,” their own last name and their own date of birth. Click the “Find my Account” button.

    Please note: If you do not currently have an email address you can create one by going to: (click on “Gmail” and then click on “Create An Account”) or by going to: (click on “Sign up now”).


    number 2Create sign-in name and password.
    Participants will need to create a sign-in name and password. You MUST remember your sign-in name and password to return to the Healthy Steps Wellness portal.


    number 3Getting Started.
    Participants are now ready to complete the Well Being Assessment.
    If you need assistance while participating in the online Healthy Steps Wellness program, Limeade Technical support is available at 800.338.1540, Monday through Friday, 7 am - 7 pm EST.