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  • Kindred Health Information Exchange

    Using Technology to Coordinate Healthcare and Achieve Improved Outcomes

    Kindred’s Health Information Exchange model enables our Transitional Care Hospitals, Nursing and Rehabilitation Centers and Kindred at Home Homecare and Hospice affiliates to optimize transitions of patients across care settings by sharing health information.

    In addition, this model of exchange allows Kindred to share health information with healthcare partners in our local markets and to participate in regional and statewide Health Information Exchanges.

    Kindred is investing in technology that will allow us to connect our clinical applications so that when patients are discharged from a Kindred facility, their patient care summaries can follow them – whether their next point of care is a Kindred facility, non-Kindred facility, or home. And when a patient enters one of our facilities, the caregivers will be able to view patient care summary information from previous Kindred admissions, and any patient care summaries we have received from our partners. This will allow us to:

    • help decrease avoidable ER visits and hospital readmissions 
    • eliminate unnecessary tests and treatments  
    • support patient privacy and consent requirements


    Watch our video to learn more about Kindred's Health Information Exchange:


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