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  • Homecare Homebase

    Homecare Homebase (HCHB) is Kindred Healthcare’s mobile, cloud-based solution to share patient electronic medical record data across the Kindred at Home division. HCHB provides our mobile clinical caregivers immediate access to the latest patient information, including any patient critical alerts. This timely information allows our caregivers to refine plans of care delivery to best suit our patients.

    Patient information is viewed and recorded using tablet devices using the Android platform. HCHB’s advanced technology allows patient information to be synchronized in mere minutes – less time than it takes a caregiver to drive to the next appointment. Also, as a cloud-based solution, HCHB stays up-to-date automatically to ensure ongoing regulatory compliance.

    With all Kindred at Home affiliates using this system, division-wide reporting capabilities are streamlined. All newly acquired companies will begin using Homecare Homebase upon joining the company, making integration more seamless.