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  • ProTouch

    ProTouch is Kindred Healthcare’s proprietary touchscreen medical record system for our Transitional Care Facilities and is one of the only applications to support functionality and workflow of In-house Rehabilitation Facilities. ProTouch is used by more than 40,000 users in more than 30 clinical roles in 97 Kindred hospitals.

    With over 20 years of development, ProTouch is the most robust transitional care hospital system available. System features such as real-time ventilator data, transparent interfaces to ancillary applications, medication reconciliation, MDRO alerts, CDR interfaces and multi-patient flow sheets allow our clinicians to better serve our patients.

    Additionally, all disciplines have the ability to chart and enter patient and treatment data into the system. ProTouch’s Interdisciplinary Medical Record serves as the complete medical record for the patient. ProTouch also provides the ability to document Interdisciplinary Team conferences, insuring that clinical teams work together to devise the best plan of care to get patients home more quickly.

    Continued Development

    Our support teams continue ProTouch development efforts in order to provide new system features and enhancements that translate to better care for our patients. Over the next three years, our clinical users will see upgrades to ProTouch’s look and feel, clinical workflows, and data analytics. Additionally, ProTouch is going mobile with the development of ProTouch Voyager, giving physicians access to some of ProTouch’s key features.

    See screen shots of the latest ProTouch Enhancements.
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    Future ProTouch Enhancements

    • Updated user interface design
    • Interdisciplinary Plan of Care
    • Single signature queue for physicians
    • LTRAX interfaces
    • Dictation system interfaces
    • HIE interfaces
    • Templated progress notes
    • CPOE report

    View the ProTouch Enhancements Timeline for implementing these enhancements.

    ProTouch Voyager Development

    • Phase I: Patient Record Retrieval 
    • Phase II: Physician Signatures of Orders, Transcription and IDT
    • Phase III: Order Entry

    See screen shots of ProTouch Voyager.
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