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  • Social Media

    Kindred is social. When we say “social,” we mean that we use social media to do business, both internally and externally. The combination results in providing better quality of care to our patients and residents.

    Externally, we use the same social media sites that many people use personally, including:

    With more than 1 billion user accounts, platforms like Facebook provide another avenue for Kindred Healthcare to connect with audiences. Social media presence is the natural extension of the website and marketing efforts that communicates our value proposition and the Kindred story to our patients and families, physicians, employees and shareholders.

    These initiatives drive referrals to Kindred services and serve as an information resource and communications channel for a diverse range of audiences and stakeholder groups that are important to the company.

    And as the number of people using social media services continues to be on the rise, we’re beginning to introduce social media technologies for internal uses. My Kindred is our new enterprise social platform and consists of SharePoint and Lync technologies. This platform will allow all Kindred employees to communicate and collaborate in a new way. Through My Kindred, we will increase the speed of information exchange, enabling us to make decisions faster.

    This new platform includes a newsfeed where employees can follow the activities and progress of those people, projects, documents and groups that interest them. They can search for your coworkers based upon skills, projects, interests, and more through a directory functionality.

    What’s even more exciting is the capability to create and edit documents – even from a mobile device! These can be stored and shared on employees’ personal pages or on team sites that can easily be created for departments, standing committees or one-time projects.

    The real-time collaboration through Lync ties all the functionality together. Employees no longer have to send emails, try to track someone down by calling an office or cell phone or try to schedule a conference call or webex. Lync allows employees to see who is available then so they can get an answer or resolve an issue quickly. Through instant messaging, voice calls, video calls and screen sharing, employees can collaborate easily in the method that best meets their needs.

    These features and more are available anywhere, anytime and from any device!

    My Kindred is currently being piloted with selected audience. Company-wide roll out will continue through 2016.

    In the meantime, we have the communications app which aggregates all internal announcements, external press releases and links to company blogs, Facebook pages, Twitter feeds, and YouTube channels. All employees can now stay abreast of the latest Kindred news from anywhere. It can be accessed and downloaded on any personal or Kindred device for free from the Google, Amazon or iTunes stores.

    We’re working to share the Kindred story that our employees are helping to write with as many people possible. We appreciate everyone who joins in the effort and engages in this new way of communicating with each other and with our customers.