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    When people are discharged from short-term acute care hospitals they often need continued care to recover completely and successfully. That’s where we come in.

    Kindred’s expertise across a variety of post-acute care sites of service helps us provide care for patients in the most appropriate setting. We specialize in delivering quality medical interventions and successfully transitioning patients home or to a less intense level of care that meets their needs and enhances their quality of life.

    In the Indianapolis area, Kindred offers services including aggressive care for medically complex patients, intensive care and short-term rehabilitation in two transitional care hospitals, six transitional care and rehabilitation centers and homecare, palliative and hospice care.


    Kindred’s Indianapolis Transitional Care Hospitals (certified as long-term acute care hospitals) are unique in their ability to care for critically ill patients who require specialized, aggressive, goal-directed care over an extended recovery time. Our hospitals are licensed as acute care hospitals and have an additional Medicare certification that supports a length of stay measured in weeks, not days, as compared to the typical stay for patients in traditional hospitals. We offer specialized services and extended care for medically complex patients who are unable to recover completely in the short-term setting. Our specialized care includes: pulmonary care (ventilator management and weaning), complex wound care, dialysis, IV antibiotic therapy and pain management. Our hospitals have 24-hour physician support and the ancillary services found at an acute care hospital, including laboratory, radiology, operating or procedure rooms, special care units and telemetry units.


    Our Indianapolis centers provide specialized short-term inpatient rehabilitation, skilled nursing care and a full range of medical and social services. Our goal is to help patients achieve positive outcomes, regain function and safely return home as quickly as their recovery allows. Services include physical, occupational and speech-language therapy and respiratory therapy by Kindred-employed therapists. In addition, we specialize in the care of patients with: IV medication needs, COPD, pneumonia, congestive heart failure (including IV Inotropics at certain centers), sepsis, complex medical conditions, transplants, wound care, stroke recovery, orthopedics, diabetes, and dementia/Alzheimer’s Disease. Through our specialty programs, we provide an interdisciplinary team with advanced training for the conditions they treat, specialty physician involvement, specialized therapy equipment and specific protocols to best care for these patients. Our specialized short-term rehabilitative programs for pulmonary, advanced cardiac needs, wound care, orthopedic and stroke recovery provide an individualized patient/family centered approach to care.

    Our centers also provide respite care for hospice, dementia or Alzheimer’s patients when their families need assistance, such as when they need to go out of town.


    Kindred’s Home Health offers medical interventions such as wound care and rehabilitation therapy, which are delivered in the comfort of a patient‘s own home throughout the greater Indianapolis area. Experienced nurses, therapists, and aides work with each individual and family members to maximize physical abilities, improve health and well-being, assist with a variety of daily activities including bathing, and provide essential education and management of medications and medical conditions.

    Hospice provides a family-oriented model of care designed to meet the spiritual, emotional, and physical needs of patients in life’s final transition. Our hospice care provides essential respite care while keeping the patient in a familiar and comfortable environment for family and/or caregivers when the need arises.

    Palliative care focuses on providing comfort and promoting quality of life through pain and symptom management. When patients have an end stage illness such as COPD or congestive heart failure, palliative care can be accessed while the patient is still receiving aggressive, curative treatment. Our palliative care team, which includes physicians, nurse practitioners and other specialists, coordinates healthcare resources and provides assistance with decision making and advance directives.


    Kindred, through RehabCare, offers a variety of rehabilitation services including physical, occupational and speech-language therapies. These services are offered across the entire post-acute continuum through every transition.


    We are proud to offer an innovative, new approach to care through our Care Transitions Program. The program is a quality improvement initiative designed for patients with medically complex conditions. We provide patients with Care Transitions Managers, patient advocates and navigators who communicate directly with patients, caregivers and primary care physicians or specialists every step of the way. They facilitate transitions between settings and help fill in communication gaps. Read more about our program.

  • Indianapolis ICM Map UPDATED
    Kindred Hospital Indianapolis
    1700 West 10th Street
    Indianapolis, Indiana 46222
    Kindred Hospital Indianapolis South
    607 S Greenwood Springs Drive
    Greenwood, Indiana 46143

    Kindred Transitional Care and
    Rehabilitation – Allison Pointe

    5226 East 82nd Street
    Indianapolis, Indiana 46250
    Kindred Transitional Care and
    Rehabilitation – Bridgewater
    14751 Carey Road
    Carmel, Indiana 46033
    Kindred Transitional Care and
    Rehabilitation – Eagle Creek
    4102 Shore Drive
    Indianapolis, Indiana 46254
    Kindred Transitional Care and
    Rehabilitation – Greenwood
    377 Westridge Boulevard
    Greenwood, Indiana 46142
    Kindred Transitional Care and
    Rehabilitation – SouthPointe
    4904 War Admiral Drive
    Indianapolis, Indiana 46237

    Kindred Transitional Care and
    Rehabilitation – Wildwood
    7301 East 16th Street
    Indianapolis, Indiana 46219

    Kindred at Home
    2415 Director’s Row, Suite C
    Indianapolis, Indiana 46241
    317.481.2281 Home Care Phone
    317.381.0095 Hospice Phone

    BridgePoint Palliative Care
    An Affiliate of Kindred at Home
    2415 Director’s Row, Suite C
    Indianapolis, Indiana 46241
    317.481.2323 Palliative Phone

    IN TDD/TTY# 800.743.3333

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