• Nursing and Rehabilitation Centers

    Nursing and rehabilitation centers across the country have changed to meet the diverse needs of today's patients and residents. Today's resident might be an active senior citizen recovering from a knee replacement before returning to the golf course, or a young mother receiving physical therapy to recover from an auto accident.

    To find a nursing and rehabilitation center, visit our Find a Facility page.

    Nearly half of our patients come for short-term rehabilitation and return home after about a month. Those who stay with us longer - an average of six months - may require more specialized care.

    Our services - including intensive rehabilitative transitional care, specialized dementia and Alzheimer's care, and hospice and palliative care - enable our patients and residents to receive the medical care they need, the restorative therapy they require, and the support they and their families deserve.

    Kindred has been nationally recognized for quality care. Quality comes from our clinical expertise as well as our empathy for families, our respect for the dignity of residents and the joy of seeing people recover. Our dedication has led to not only meeting expectations but exceeding them, as evidenced by our ever-increasing customer satisfaction scores. For more information on our quality indicators, please read our 2015 Quality and Social Responsibility Report

    Kindred Nursing and Rehabilitation Centers discharged 57% of patients home - after an average length of stay of less than 31 days in 2014. From 2010 to 2014, Kindred Nursing and Rehabilitation Centers reduced rehospitalizations by 5.1% and average length of stay by 15.2% while delivering quality care to more and sicker patients. 

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