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  • Points to Consider

    As you research healthcare centers for yourself or for a loved one, consider these points.

    1. Does the healthcare center have a Performance Improvement Committee?

    Kindred Healthcare centers do. Our Performance Improvement Committees gather data, identify problems, and formulate and implement solutions to those problems. Above all, these PICs are an ongoing monitoring process to ensure goals are being met and that Kindred Healthcare centers meet a standard of quality care.

    2. Does the healthcare center feature an advocate program that gives residents another dimension of care?

    Kindred Healthcare centers do. Our Angel Care program focuses extra attention on our residents and, in some cases, their family members as well. The goal is simple – to meet the special needs of the people we provide quality care for every day.

    3. Does the healthcare center have programs in place to train caregivers about helping to prevent injuries from falls?

    Kindred Healthcare centers do. Our Falling Stars program uses colorful star symbols to establish a common method of communication to alert staff about who is at risk for falls. A risk assessment for falls is completed upon a resident's admission and updated quarterly. Any resident who has fallen in the interim will be identified by the Falling Stars symbol to alert caregivers.

    4. Does the healthcare center have a special unit for patients with Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia?

    Kindred Healthcare centers do. Some of our healthcare centers include a Reflections Unit – a community that celebrates the spirit of our residents, offering a comfortable and compassionate environment that emphasizes positive life experiences and active involvement in a daily routine.

    5. Does the healthcare center encourage a personal visit to see firsthand their commitment to quality care?

    Kindred Healthcare centers do. There's no substitute for seeing for yourself. We invite you or your loved one to call and schedule a visit.

    Kindred Healthcare Centers vs. Assisted Living

    Today there are more options for senior living than ever. That makes it challenging to select the most appropriate living arrangements for a loved one. Here are some comparisons to consider:Kindred healthcare centers offer registered nursing care, treatment of medically complex residents, dietitian-supervised food service, Medicare and Medicaid coverage, hospice affiliations, daily living activities and amenities, and physician-directed policies and programs.Assisted living facilities are designed to provide a more independent living environment for individuals needing only limited assistance and supervision.The Medicare Nursing Home Compare website has survey results for every Medicare and Medicaid certified nursing home in the country.

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