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  • Aubry - Going Home

    Aubry came to the Reflections program at St. George Care and Rehabilitation Center in Utah, recovering from pneumonia and with a diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease. Aubry's wife wanted to see if we could work on improving his physical strength because if he could recover from the pneumonia, she could take him home.



    The first few days were very difficult for Aubry. He knew he was no longer at home but had no idea where he was. He was very weak and had difficulty getting out of bed and dressing. His speech was mostly nonsensical with only occasional clear words.

    Care plans were set up for his nursing, physical and social rehabilitation. Physical therapy worked closely with Aubry to help him overcome his weakness from the pneumonia. Unit nursing staff helped him make great strides in his ability to swallow fluids, while the dietary department made sure he ate what he enjoyed. Gradually he was able to participate in many activities.

    We assisted Aubry in his rehabilitation to the point where he could join his wife in their new home. By then he had completely recovered from his pneumonia and was in much better physical health. During his time with us, Aubry experienced an increase in meaningful and pleasant activities and became more social. His speech also cleared a little more (although we still had to listen closely) and he was far less combative during personal care. The behavior problems that his wife had reported had improved significantly.

    Most of Aubry's problems were related to the pneumonia and Alzheimer's. By effectively treating his pneumonia, increasing his social activities and strengthening his walking, we were able to improve Aubry's functioning to the point where his wife was comfortable caring for him at home again.


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