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  • Rae - Healing and Recovery

    Rae, 61, was admitted to Vallhaven Care Center in Neenah, Wisconsin, on July 24, 2008, with multiple infections due to the rejection of hardware in her hip replacement. She came in on IV antibiotics and was unable to care for herself.


    In less than a month she had progressed to the point where she was able to walk alone with a walker, and she returned home on August 13. She could get in and out of a vehicle, bathe and dress herself and make meals at home.

    "I recently spent three weeks in the Transitional Care Unit at Vallhaven Care Center in Neenah. I was frightened when I first entered the facility, as I had never imagined I would need such care. I was warmly welcomed by management who continued to check on my care throughout my stay," Rae said.

    "The care offered by the nurses, and especially the certified nursing assistants, immediately put me at ease. These are amazing women and men who truly care for you amidst a variety of physical and emotional needs. Their superb service is provided with compassion, smiles, humor and a caring attitude. These people are a blessing and angels in my book! The physical and occupational therapy department has a staff that has worked strongly together over the years. They are knowledgeable and present your therapy in a positive environment."

    "Vallhaven is well maintained and the cleaning crew keeps it spic and span."

     "A life experience I was dreading turned into a blessing for me!"

    - Rae

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