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  • Lawmakers Explore New Advanced Aide Position for Post-Acute Care

    April 18, 2014
    By Margaret Schmidt
    Rep. Matt Cartwright (D-PA) and Sen. Bob Casey (D-PA) introduced the “Improving Care for Vulnerable Older Citizens through Workforce Advancement Act of 2014” last week to establish six new demonstration projects in long-term care. Two of the proposed projects would allocate funds for the training of advanced certified nursing assistants. The idea is to empower these direct-care workers to take on “deeper clinical responsibilities” as well as promote smoother care transitions and reduce rehospitalizations. Participants in the programs would report on outcomes, employee satisfaction and rehospitalization rates.

    According to Rep. Cartwright, “This legislation would help improve the care offered by direct-care workers and lower care costs for both older Americans and the health care industry.”

    Participation in the demonstration projects will be open to nursing facilities, home health agencies and hospitals.

    For more information, read the summary issued by Representative Cartwright:
    Mamatha Permalink
    September 29, 2015 9:23 AM

    OMG!thank u for doing this!actually, i just got accepted in the nrnsiug school and will be starting this fall semester on August 30! it seems so far away, but i guess i have to buy the books now and read some so i could be prepared!! loli'm sooo excited and nervous at the same time, i'm actually more worried about the clinicals coz i dunno how to treat my patient and i just have alot of worries! coz i've never had any medical experience, and this will be my first offical job! i'm 18 btw.

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