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    Hospitals do not have to bear full responsibility for patient outcomes downstream; that’s where a strong partnership comes in. Many hospitals believe they lose control when outsourcing clinical areas; we believe in a strategic alliance, not outsourcing. Therapy is the single thread that weaves throughout the patient care continuum. Good therapy allows for the early identification of issues that could potentially lead to a rehospitalization. Good therapy improves function. Good therapy improves patient satisfaction and quality of care. A good therapy partner strengthens clinical outcomes while improving sales and marketing, compliance and consumer engagement, creating clinical, operational and financial success.

    We offer multiple services and management solutions, including:

    • Inpatient rehabilitation unit management (IRU/ARU)
    • Freestanding rehabilitation hospitals (joint venture)
    • Outpatient rehabilitation
    • Medical-surgical rehabilitation
    • Long-term acute care (LTAC) hospital rehabilitation
    • Denials management

    This white paper explores how joint ventures between hospitals and inpatient rehabilitation providers can increase profitability. Inpatient rehabilitation providers have methods for stopping patient leakage, navigating compliance issues, deterring competitors and bringing complementary competencies to a partner hospital. Read more.



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