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  • Managed Care

    Compared to other care providers, Kindred Hospitals reduce the cost, trauma and risk of short-term hospital re-admission by being staffed and equipped to rapidly respond to changes in medical condition. This makes Kindred a premier provider of high quality, cost-effective healthcare.

    Reducing Readmissions

    With hospital stays shorter than they used to be, patients may be discharged in frailer states. Approximately 20% of Medicare patients are readmitted within 30 days of discharge. From 2008-2011 Kindred Hospitals reduced rehospitalization rates by 8.4%. We continue to employ innovative strategies to reduce them further.


    Because Kindred Hospitals offer more specialized care, we can provide targeted, optimal care for patients’ individual needs and conditions. Our focus on patient needs helps to ensure a full recovery and discharge home or to a lower level of care, instead of a return to the hospital.

    The Value Of Post-acute Care

    The American Hospital Association developed a report that discusses the value of post-acute care in the healthcare continuum and explores how post-acute care providers can serve as important partners – both for acute-care hospitals and for one another – in improving quality and reducing costs over an episode of care. According to the report, partnerships across settings not only benefit patients transitioning to a post-acute site, but can also benefit general acute-care hospitals referring to and receiving referrals from post-acute care. As a provider of post-acute care services, Kindred Healthcare is well positioned to work with other healthcare services providers. As highlighted on page 5 of the report, Kindred is pursuing relationships with certain acute-care hospitals, physician specialty groups and other partners in a variety of locations. To read the full report, go to http://www.aha.org/research/reports/tw/10nov-tw-postacute.pdf  

    We honor many managed care and other insurance plans. To learn more about our managed care programs or how to partner with Kindred Hospitals, please contact the individual hospital. To find a Kindred Hospital near you, please visit our Facility Locator page.

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