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    A Team Effort to Meet the Challenges of Dialysis Patients

    When kidney failure occurs, dialysis is essential to filter impurities from the blood and maintain the chemical balance needed to stay alive. Our interdisciplinary team of dialysis specialists includes physicians, nurses, technicians and dietitians who help our patients meet the challenges of dialysis with comfort and dignity, and continue to live a full, active life.

    Our patients often require care in addition to dialysis, providing a unique challenge. Kindred’s expertise in treating patients with multi-system failure and other medically complex conditions allows us to provide that care through an interdisciplinary team approach.

    Tracheostomy Care

    Helping Patients Avoid Infection and Breathing Failure

    When a severe lung disorder, neurological problem or infection makes it impossible to breathe, a tracheostomy – a cut into the trachea – may be necessary to keep the patient's windpipe open. If such a cut is made during an emergency, it is referred to as a tracheotomy.

    Our interdisciplinary team is experienced in caring for patients with a tracheostomy or tracheotomy. We work with patients and their family members or loved ones to ensure that the tubing and assembly is kept clean, clear and free of infection.

    Intensive Care

    Specialized Units for Patients Requiring Critical Care

    People with serious injuries and illnesses need critical care – close, constant attention by a specially-trained team of healthcare professionals, usually taking place in an Intensive Care Unit.

    Most Kindred hospitals feature Intensive Care Units or special care units where patients can be safely transferred from short-term acute care hospitals without interrupting the treatment they require.

    Inpatient Rehabilitation Services

    Helping Our Patients Receive the Individual Care They Need

    Our rehabilitation therapists are part of Kindred's rehabilitation services division, RehabCare. They are trained in the latest rehabilitation techniques and are dedicated to helping our patients regain their functional abilities to the fullest extent.

    A customized comprehensive therapy program is developed specifically with the patient’s ability to participate in mind, and members of the rehabilitation team implement its components. Patients can take advantage of a well-equipped rehabilitation gym and activity room  or they can receive rehabilitation services bedside.

    Key areas of treatment may include:

    Physical Therapy

    • endurance training
    • gait training
    • strengthening program
    • range of motion
    • upright posture orientation 

    Occupational Therapy

    • activities of daily living 

    Speech Therapy

    • cognition enhancement
    • communication
    • swallow assessment/training
    • video swallows
    • Passey-Muir valve
    • adaptive equipment
    • group and individual therapy sessions



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