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  • Chrissy: Persistence Leads to Recovery

    Chrissy, 37, was admitted to Kindred Hospital on a ventilator with a diagnosis of atypical Guillain-Barré syndrome.


    Kindred’s interdisciplinary team of caregivers went to work, beginning with efforts to wean Chrissy from the ventilator, but her weakened state presented a challenge. Attempts to use a Passy-Muir valve to help her speak also were unsuccessful due to lack of pulmonary muscle strength. The medication she was taking for pain management added to her fatigue.

    The nursing and respiratory staffs began working together to wean Chrissy from the vent while taking into account her weakened state and her pain. They worked for two months before they reached a milestone – she could tolerate 11 straight hours off the vent.

    Rehabilitation therapists also worked with Chrissy to help her regain her strength. She had no strength upon admission and major sensory impairment, but with the help of the therapy team – and support from her sister – Chrissy began making slow but remarkable progress.

    After months of interdisciplinary team coordination of care, Chrissy finally weaned off the vent and had regained enough strength and ability to move to be discharged to an acute rehabilitation facility. Then she moved to a Kindred skilled nursing facility where her recovery could continue.

    Finally, she was discharged and moved to Texas with her family. She was able to walk short distances and was looking forward to continued success.

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