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  • Karol: "Kindred Was a Blessing"

    Karol lived a quiet life that included gardening, canning, and taking care of her granddaughter. The only medical problem she experienced was a history of circulation problems which required stents placed in her legs to improve blood flow.


    Then in September, Karol developed pain and numbness in her right leg and underwent surgery to replace a blocked stent at a short-term acute care hospital. The next day, she developed a serious complication from the surgery which caused severe blockage of the arteries in both legs. Emergency surgery was done to save her limbs.

    The surgery was extensive and she had complications of multisystem organ failure, requiring Karol to spend several weeks in the ICU on a ventilator and receiving dialysis.

    She was transferred to another hospital for specialized surgery that involved removing her bladder, part of her colon and left a large, complicated wound to her abdomen.

    After spending nearly three months in an acute care hospital, Karol was so weak she was unable to walk. She was malnourished and had a very large, painful wound to her abdomen. She transferred to Kindred Hospital to receive rehabilitation, nutrition, pain management and wound care.

    The wound care team immediately began aggressive treatment. They applied a special device to her wound to expedite the healing process.

    The dietitian made sure Karol had the right amount of calories and protein to promote wound healing.

    Karol's pain was managed well enough for her to participate in therapy. The therapy team worked with her consistently to improve her endurance, restore her strength and help her walk again.

    Karol commented that rehab staff members helped motivate her to get well. "They got me the jumpstart I needed," she said. "They really gave me inspiration and made me want to get up and walk."

    Upon discharge from Kindred, Karol was able to go home with home health care. Her abdominal wound was almost completely healed, her nutritional status had improved, and she was able to walk short distances.

    "If it wasn't for the therapists making me move, I wouldn't be back home moving now," she said. "Kindred was a blessing."

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