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  • Manny: A Miraculous Attitude

    Manny came to Kindred Hospital for complex wound care.

    At a short-term acute care hospital Manny had undergone surgery for a small bowel obstruction, which led to complications. After a second surgery he had been given an ileostomy tube and was recovering when he went into septic shock and then developed abscesses and a fistula.

    Manny was then transferred to Kindred Hospital for continued care.


    Upon admission, in addition to his major abdominal wound, Manny was on total parenteral nutrition (TPN) and could not take any food or liquids by mouth.

    The Kindred wound team faced an immediate challenge, as Manny’s fistula was constantly draining, making it one of the most difficult wounds to care for. The team began an aggressive treatment routine, which included a debridement of the necrotic material in his abdomen.

    Though very ill upon arrival, Manny’s outlook and motivation to get well and go home made him a model patient. Manny did everything possible to strengthen his body, including taking walks through the halls every two hours – even with tubes and drains in tow! Throughout his hospital stay his spirits stayed positive and he made everyone smile.

    After weeks of hard work by Manny and the Kindred wound and rehabilitation teams, Manny was discharged home with his wife.

    Four months later, the Kindred Hospital staff received a phone call from Manny.

    He was letting them know he was back in the acute care hospital to have his bowel reconnected, and his ileostomy removed. This last surgery allowed him to return to normal bowel function and a normal life. He has since invited all of the staff to come and visit him.

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