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  • Scott: Cowboy's Daring Recovery

    Scott is his given name but family and friends call him "Cowboy".

    Scott, a mechanic all his life, loves deer hunting, motor cross, golfing and hockey and has always been somewhat of a daredevil.


    But one day, while working at the garage where he has been employed for 13 years, the husband and father of two was nearly crushed to death when a 20,000 pound trailer slipped off the jacks, landing on Scott and a co-worker.

    The two men were rushed to a local short-term acute care hospital where, according to family Scott nearly died 3 times. He was put on a ventilator, went into kidney failure and was treated for a massive abdominal wound.

    Once his condition stabilized, Scott's family transferred him to Kindred Hospital where his ailing kidneys could be treated by the in-house dialysis unit.

    Upon admission to Kindred on August 27, Scott had a sacral wound Stage II. He was on dialysis for his kidneys and needed extensive rehab.

    The Kindred team of nurses, specialists and therapists worked diligently to meet their recovery goals: to get his kidney's functioning, to improve his abdominal wound and to rebuild his strength through rehab. With the scope of Scott's injuries, his doctors expected his hospitalization to continue through Christmas.

    "Cowboy" had other plans.

    On September 16, after less than a month at Kindred, Scott was discharged home to his wife and two young children with the expectation of continued rehabilitation.

    Upon discharge, Scott was off dialysis, his sacral wound was resolved and the abdominal wound had made a marked improvement. After a month at Kindred Hospital, Scott was able to walk out with a walker to attend his son's soccer game.

    Along with the hard work of Kindred's multidisciplinary team and his families support, Scott's motivated, positive attitude was paramount to his incredibly quick recovery; something his wife April calls "a miracle."

    "The staff at Kindred worked me hard, but I enjoyed everyone. They were positive and very encouraging," Scott says.

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