• Patient and Families

    Kindred Hospitals greatly value our patients and the families that love them. We strive to make them as comfortable as possible, by meeting their healthcare needs while keeping everyone informed of the course of treatment.

    Our goal is to provide a setting in which the expertise of physicians, nurses, respiratory therapists, rehabilitation specialists and others are brought together to improve the health of seriously ill patients. The professional staff at Kindred Hospital is part of a patient care team whose members work closely together to help patients meet their treatment goals. Every Kindred Hospital employee will strive to make your stay with us as comfortable and pleasant as possible.

    If patients or family members have any questions and/or comments about hospital care or procedures, they are encouraged to contact any member of the patient care team with assurance that any patient or family concern will be handled with sensitivity and in confidence. If desired, we are always available to meet with family members.

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