"Kindred Healthcare is one of the few organizations that offers structured programs that focus on true leadership development and organizational succession planning.  The EF Program has given me perspective on the value proposition of the LTCH in a value based care environment and the ability to understand the complexity of the healthcare industry. It helped me to focus as a professional that executive management of an organization is not only based on leadership style but all the soft skills associated with it, such as emotional intelligence, decision making and industry knowledge. The expectations of the EF Program is that you can get out of the experience as much as you put into it. The Program is flexible enough and diverse in its structure. The biggest take away for me is that in order to be successful you must display and practice humility and passion in everything you do; whether you are a new Fellow or a seasoned CEO. Today I very much enjoy mentoring others in the Fellowship program and a program ambassador in my local community and professional organizations."

Victor Carrasco
Market CEO Kindred Hospital Rancho & Ontario

"The Executive Fellow Program gave me the rare opportunity of being a part of an  organization that is willing to invest in my career. Within less than 2 years of starting the program, I have gained more than a handful of mentors, colleagues that I reach out to on a daily basis across the country, and tremendous growth in my career. The program also gave me the experience of presenting in multiple Executive presentations, to manage at all levels of service, and last but not least, to make the steady progression from a hospital Fellow, to an Assistant Administrator, to officially being promoted to a CEO of my own Hospital. Definitely an invaluable program."

Tarra Washington
CEO Kindred Hospital Morris County

"Kindred’s Executive Fellow Program I believe enabled me to achieve a career that fulfills my ambition and potential. From one-to-one meetings with mentors, to formal class room trainings, rotational assignments, regular 360-degree feedback and routine check-ins, this program gave me ample opportunity to carve my own path toward leadership. I received ongoing critical feedback in key areas, such as communications, interpersonal relationships, technical abilities, change management, and leadership skills. I also gained knowledge about the organization's culture and unspoken rules that is critical for success. I feel confident in my skill and I enjoy using my strength every day at work."

Abi Anyebe
Market CEO San Antonio

"My time as an Executive Fellow has given me the unrivaled opportunity to work shoulder-to-shoulder with some of the industry’s most experienced and respected leaders. In working to support Kindred Healthcare's enterprise strategy, the Executive Fellowship Program expanded my career by giving me opportunity to support Kindred’s Chief Financial Officer in the divestiture of a $900 million line of business, a Board of Directors directed operational initiative led by Kindred’s Chief Operating Officer, the $4.1 billion privatization of Kindred Healthcare, as well as numerous strategy formations and business development opportunities. The mentorship and broad exposure have truly paved a path to follow to allow my career to continue to flourish."

Daniel Gill
Manager, Finance & Analytics