"The Executive Fellow Program offered me an unparalleled opportunity to prepare for future leadership roles. The support I received allowed me to fully immerse myself in the operations of the hospital so I could ask questions and understand every aspect of our business. I know I would not be in the position I am in today if it were not for my mentors in the Program and the lessons I learned while completing the rotations."

Jeff Cellucci 
District COO Integrated Market


"One main reason I joined Kindred Healthcare in May of 2010 was because of the Executive Fellow Program being offered to its employees. It’s always refreshing to know a company wants to invest in its own people first. The Executive Fellow Program has changed my life and offered me and my family so many new and exciting opportunities. I began my career with Kindred as a Director of Respiratory Therapy in May of 2010. Kindred quickly identified opportunities for me to continue to grow in the realm of leadership. Soon after joining Kindred Hospital St. Petersburg, FL, I was promoted to Area Director of Respiratory and Radiology overseeing the daily operations for Kindred Hospital St. Petersburg and Kindred Bay Area Tampa. In September of 2013 I was accepted into the Executive Fellow Program and relocated to the Dallas-Ft Worth market. I completed my fellowship at Kindred Hospital Ft. Worth- Southwest and was promoted to Administrator of Kindred Hospital Dallas in July 2014 and then to CEO in July of 2015. The Executive Fellow Program provides the perfect learning platform to set you up for success! “

James Mendez
Market Chief Executive Officer


“Kindred’s Executive Fellow Program provides the unique opportunity to dive head first into the healthcare industry and learn firsthand from some of the organization’s most experienced, innovative and respected leaders. Leadership development training, regular mentorship and exposure to diverse projects across Kindred’s business lines and functions will help you gain valuable insight and skills necessary to advance your career to the next level. As post acute healthcare continues to play an increasingly important role in shaping the care delivery systems of our nation, Kindred’s Executive Fellow Program provides fertile ground for leaders passionate about paving the way and making a difference in the lives of patients and families.”

Steve Gable
Director Strategic Planning