** Warning ** Potential Recruitment Scam

It has come to our attention that there have been candidates contacted by individuals who are falsely representing themselves as Kindred executives and recruiters. The candidates have been contacted from email addresses that do not contain the Kindred.com domain and via text messaging stating that they qualify for a position. Upon going through the process, candidates are offered a position and then are being asked to send money to an address in order for Kindred to purchase equipment.

Ways You Can Protect Yourself

If you are contacted about a job via text messaging, instant messaging, or online chat that is coming from anything other than a Kindred.com domain name, this may be an indication of a possible scam. If you are asked to respond to a non-Kindred.com address, this also may be an indication of a possible scam.

Representatives of Kindred, any of its hospitals, Support Center or any of its affiliates will never ask for cash, check, money order or bank information of any candidate and will not employ the use of third party domain email addresses (Yahoo, Google, etc.) or send personal text messages to communicate or to extend offers.

If you receive these types of communications you are urged to report this activity to:

Kindred’s Recruitment Process

Kindred’s recruitment and hiring processes are conducted predominantly by telephone or in-person meetings. When a candidate applies via the internet or is called directly by one of our recruiters, an initial screening takes place over the phone. The screening process will go over the candidate’s background, job history and position expectations. A face-to-face interview is then scheduled with the hiring manager and other team members as necessary. If a job offer is extended to the candidate, a verbal offer is made by the same recruiter or hiring manager who conducted the previous interview. Once the candidate accepts the position, they will receive additional information, forms and paperwork to fill out. A background check and drug-screening process then begin. When all items clear, the employee is then scheduled for orientation.