Physician Portal

Welcome to our Kindred Physician Portal – our one-stop web portal that provides the latest information about products and services that are exclusively available to physicians. We are committed to providing tools that make it easy for Kindred physicians to manage business needs, so that their focus is on patients not paperwork. This website helps physicians to:

  • Stay up to date while on the go with convenient access to Kindred platforms
  • Chart Kindred patient data quickly


Beginning March 9, 2021, the Physician Portal will be updated to use the new Kindred Workspace for access to company systems. The Kindred Workspace introduces a new look and feel while continuing to provide an easy way to access company applications such as ProTouch, Pinpoint, SoftLab, RxConnect, and more.

As part of the update, the sign-in process will transition to using Kindred’s Identity Verification. Kindred’s Identity Verification system uses a text message or phone call to validate your identity, a security process that is similar to what you use when accessing your accounts for your bank, credit card or utility company’s website.

If you have used this sign-in process to access other Kindred systems, no action is required. If you are new to using the Kindred Identity Verification system, you will need to complete a registration process prior to March 9, 2021. Please reference these registration instructions to setup your account.

Once transitioned on March 9, 2021, you will use your Kindred domain ID and password PLUS a unique code provided by the Kindred Identity Verification system to remotely access company systems and resources.


Need Remote Access Setup?

Contact your facility’s leadership to request remote access to Kindred applications and physician forums. When your remote access is approved, you will receive a Security Request Completion Notification message via e-mail that contains your Username and Password.

Already Requested Access?

If remote access has already been requested for you, please reference the Security Request Completion Notification email that was sent to you with the additional steps needed for completing the setup. Contact your facility’s leadership if you did not receive the email.