Companion Care for Older Adults

When older adults find themselves in situations where they live alone, have declining mobility, and are somewhat isolated from other family members and friends, companion care services can be a wonderful way to enhance their quality of life while improving safety and well being. Perhaps the family caregivers simply have very little time available to provide the level of assistance that may be needed.

Social interactions have been shown to have a critical impact on life expectancy and overall health and well being. Finding ways to be actively engaged with others is very important. And there are additional benefits to be gained when using a home care agency to find the right person as a companion.

  • A large pool of trained personal care attendants that allows careful matching of personality and any specific requirements
  • Increased safety and security, especially if someone lives alone
  • Relief from loneliness and boredom, and to gain friends
  • Someone who gently coaxes the person to stay physically active
  • A way to stay mentally and socially engaged, which is critical to healthy aging

Companions Become Friends

It’s human nature. Spending time together in conversation and activities builds strong bonds of friendship, contentment and happiness. Our companion caregivers love to see their clients’ faces light up when they arrive for their visits. In addition to being a friendly companion, they can help to:

  • Keep the house clean and tidy
  • Give medication reminders
  • Drive the client to appointments and other outings
  • Prepare nutritious meals
  • Assist with personal care and other daily activities if needed

Companion caregivers also provide peace of mind to concerned family members who are unable to provide continuous assistance for their loved ones. All of us at Kindred at Home love what we do because we see the difference it makes in people’s lives. We are here to help.

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