Success Stories


"I have improved greatly during my stay here at Kindred.”

Jon was very active in his daily life, is a deacon at his church, and enjoyed good health – he chopped three loads of wood the day before he became ill and began having trouble breathing.

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“I loved the care I received from the nursing staff.”

It was at the beginning of April when Pamela started experiencing shortness of breath and she was found to have COVID-19, which required her to be hospitalized and placed on a ventilator.

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"I’m looking forward to hugging my neighbors and my three cats."

Sharron had to be admitted to a general hospital when her cardiac condition worsened and she developed an irregular heart beat that led to respiratory failure a coma, and pneumonia. She had to be placed on a ventilator and given a feeding tube and started on a course of IV antibiotics.

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"I was having a rough time of it at first."

Dalton worked in the remodeling and property maintenance business and loved working on cars, riding his dirt bike, cooking and spending time with his girlfriend. His life as he knew it would change in an instant when I was involved in a horrific automobile accident that nearly claimed his life.

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"When I Get Home I'm Going to Hug My Entire Family!"

Rosalind is a retired nurse who worked as a caregiver for 40 years. She enjoyed doing flower arrangements and cooking and baking with her grandchildren, who were a big part of her life.

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