Prolonged Mechanical Ventilation

We understand the hardships associated with mechanical ventilator support. Your loved one may feel frustrated from the limitations he or she faces, such as not being able to speak or eat. We provide the care and support your loved one needs to begin their road to recovery.  

We are recognized as a national leader in ventilator weaning with three decades of experience helping our patients avoid going back to a traditional hospital. Our tailored weaning care plans are designed to free your loved one from mechanical ventilation. Our interdisciplinary team includes pulmonologists and therapists to help your loved one achieve their goals. 

Our care approach is designed to offer both time and resources for in-depth evaluation, comprehensive treatment and close monitoring.

Your loved one’s care team meets regularly to address: 

  • Rehabilitation goals and progress
  • Timeline for weaning off the ventilator
  • Nutrition and medication management
  • Family education and participation

We know how important friends and family are to the healing process. We hold family meetings with our interdisciplinary team members on a regular basis to discuss progress. Family education sessions are designed to train you on home care and other recovery related topics.

From involving clergy and support groups to meet spiritual and psychological needs to providing comprehensive planning services for post-hospital life, our staff works to make your experience with us as pleasant as possible.

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Learn more about our philosophy and team approach to caring for those experiencing prolonged mechanical ventilation.