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Success Stories


Interdisciplinary Care Gets Our Favorite Gator Home

Dee-Dee, 39, was admitted to a short-term acute care hospital after suffering an acute seizure due to dilantin toxicity with secondary Acute Respiratory failure requiring tracheotomy and mechanical ventilation. 

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David, 50, was admitted to a Florida Hospital in Orlando with complaints of abdominal pain, shortness of breath and palpitations. David was found to have atrial fibrillation with a rapid ventricular response, and was in acute respiratory failure due to acutely decompensated systolic heart failure. He required intubation and mechanical ventilation on July 20, and had several subsequent complications, including acute renal failure, pneumonia and electrolyte abnormalities. David was also found to have a lesion in the left frontal lobe of his brain, which required an open craniectomy.

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Leaving Better than Before

Edmund, 66, was admitted to a short-term acute care in June for sepsis, right lower extremity cellulitis, Diabetes Mellitus type 2, acute renal failure and rhabdomyolysis,...

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