Success Stories


Back Home with His Family

David, 50, was admitted to a Florida Hospital in Orlando with complaints of abdominal pain, shortness of breath and palpitations. David was found to have atrial fibrillation with a rapid ventricular response, and was in acute respiratory failure due to acutely decompensated systolic heart failure.

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Leaving Better than Before

Edmund, 66, was admitted to a short-term acute care in June for sepsis, right lower extremity cellulitis, Diabetes Mellitus type 2, acute renal failure and rhabdomyolysis,...

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Life Saving Treatment

Gloria, 55, became extremely ill after surgery at a short-term acute care hospital to repair her colon. Post-operatively, Gloria had multiple fistulas, post surgical complications, as well as associated infections. Gloria also had a 40-year medical history with chronic pain syndrome.

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Back Home and Independent Again

John Y, 67, better known as “Jack,” came to Kindred Hospital Bay Area Tampa for continued care following a complicated course of hospitalizations since a double lung transplant in 2001.

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The Long Road to New Life

Jeff, 54, came to Kindred Hospital Bay Area Tampa for aggressive rehabilitation to rebuild his strength as he awaited a heart transplant. His admission to Kindred followed a long, complicated course of short-term acute care hospitalizations due to an initial onset of heart disease.

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Regaining Strength for a Chance at Life

Joe, 46, came to Kindred Hospital Bay Area Tampa for aggressive rehabilitation to rebuild his strength in the hopes of being eligible for a heart transplant.

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Home For Christmas

Paul, 78, underwent an elective procedure following a significant history of invasive bladder cancer at a short-term acute care hospital in September. Post operatively, Paul experienced severe anemia and subsequently suffered multiple complications thereafter, including acute respiratory failure requiring tracheotomy and mechanical ventilation.

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Back to Cracking Jokes

Richard, 76, lived independently in South Tampa with his wife prior to a fall from a ladder due to a possible cardiac episode in August. Richard was brought unresponsive by EMS to the emergency room of a short-term acute hospital. He was found to have a right side skull fracture, scapular, and rib fractures in addition to a significant traumatic brain injury and elevated troponins, the regulatory proteins integral to muscle contraction in skeletal and cardiac muscle.

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