Success Stories


"You are the Best!"

Keysha lived at home until a bout with the flu led to her developing serious lung problems and difficulty breathing. She was admitted to a general hospital and physicians began to treat her for severe caloric malnutrition as well as pneumonia.

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"It's Been a Long Road."

Kelley lived at home and enjoyed good health until she began to experience worsening pain that started radiating from her chest. She went to the hospital when her breathing became labored and she was diagnosed with acute respiratory failure. Kelley’s physicians rushed to place her on a ventilator and started to stabilize her condition, but she unfortunately developed pneumonia and also a cardiac condition that required the placement of a catheter. She was also started on IV antibiotic therapy and given a feeding tube and remained at the facility until she was strong enough to be transferred to Kindred Hospital Clear Lake.

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An Improved Outlook To Living With Chronic Respiratory Failure

Marvin Fincher has always led an active lifestyle; professionally, athletically, and socially. Marvin worked as a hurricane specialist where he oversaw preparedness and response efforts for all DuPont facilities in the Atlantic basin. He was on the Executive Planning Committee, the Hurricane History Committee, and a board member of Galveston Historical Foundation as well as the Galveston County Historical Commission. When he wasn’t working, Martin enjoyed sailing, offshore boat racing and spending time with his family.

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Getting Back To Her Greenhouse

Over 8 years ago, Brenda Labauve, graduated from The Texas Master Gardener program, an educational and volunteer program offered through Texas A&M University System. Over the years she has participated in the cultivation and maturation of lawns and gardens from Tomball to Conroe.

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Respiratory Failure Out At Sea

Mr. Dennis Burke, a U.S. Merchant Marine, was on a container ship sailing toward east Asia when he started feeling short of breath. Due to his condition, his ship was forced to return to Alaska two days later, and the ship’s Captain called for an ambulance transport to the closest trauma center in Dutch Harbor. The trauma center saw he needed critical care services, so they quickly flew him to an acute care hospital in Anchorage. Mr. Burke was admitted with acute respiratory failure and had slipped into a coma. His lungs were failing and he needed the full support of a ventilator.

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She left In A Wheelchair And Walked Back To Say Thank You

Roelandia suffered from a postpartum hemorrhage that led to respiratory failure and traumatic compartment syndrome of the abdomen. She was stabilized and came to Kindred Rehabilitation Hospital for strengthening and endurance exercises, including gait and balance training.

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A Stroke Took Away His Independence, Thanks to Kindred Tom Got It Back

Tom suffered a serious stroke that affected the left side of his body. He was treated at a general hospital and then came to Kindred Rehab – first as an inpatient and then as an outpatient – to regain his independence through physical and occupational therapy prior to returning home.

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"Now I Have My Life Back."

William came to Kindred Rehab Hospital for rehabilitation following a below-the-knee amputation on his right leg.

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She Nearly Lost Her Independence – Now Her Future is Bright Again

Destini was enjoying the company of her friends, working at her job and looked forward to getting her certification from culinary school. She was excited to start seeing success with her weight loss program and going to the gym when her life unexpectedly took a turn for the worse.

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A Stroke Took His Independence – Ricky Worked Hard To Get It Back

Ricky is an engineer who enjoyed an active and independent lifestyle. He shared what he likes to do the most: “I love to go camping, hunting, fishing – playing golf.” But suddenly everything came to a standstill when Ricky had a stroke in late January that severely affected his speech and mobility.

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Roshini and Saravankumar

A Father and His Daughter Look Forward to the Future

Roshini and her father were travelling together in their car when they were involved in a horrific vehicle accident. Her father, Saravanakumar, sustained serious injuries, but it was Roshini who suffered the brunt of the impact. Her injuries were far more severe, as she had numerous facial fractures and multiple trauma.

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