Success Stories


Long Road to Recovery

When Scott had a heart transplant, his recovery plan became more complicated when he developed acute respiratory failure and had a heart seizure. He was transferred from the ICU at the hospital where he had his surgery over 6 months prior to Kindred Hospital Dallas Central for recovery and rehabilitation.


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On a Journey to Recovery

James was living at home with his brothers when he developed severe shortness of breath and had to be taken to the ER. He was diagnosed to be suffering from acute respiratory failure and he had to be placed on a ventilator.


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Very Pleased With Care

Mildred, a resident at an independent living facility, started to have difficulty breathing. As her shortness of breath became worse, she was taken to the hospital and diagnosed as suffering from respiratory failure.


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So Positive and Supportive

Ronda checked in to a general hospital when a large protrusion in her abdomen began to get worse. She was diagnosed as having a large hernia that required surgery. Due to other health complications, she also required additional operations and developed respiratory failure after the surgery. To complicate matters even more, Ronda was diagnosed to be suffering from diabetes and had to begin dialysis treatments.


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Well on His Way to Recovery

Keith came to Kindred Hospital Dallas Central to recover from heart failure and surgery. He was extremely weak and required full assistance for all his needs.

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