Success Stories


Finally Going Home

Tomasa was re-admitted to a general hospital just a few days after having had surgery to remove her gallbladder due to severe confusion. At the hospital, doctors determined that she was suffering from septic shock and immediately began treatment with IV antibiotics. She also required additional surgery to remove a leaking pancreatic duct that was causing Tomasa additional problems.


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I wanted to walk on my own again

Jerry has been undergoing dialysis treatments for his kidney disease and he was doing well, remaining active and participating in activities with his family and two children. Unfortunately when he missed just one dialysis treatment, he developed severe complications that included respiratory failure.


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Determined to Get Better

Lupe has a history of diabetes and even suffered from a previous stroke, but she had recovered and was managing her diabetes and living at home when she had a sudden cardiac arrest. Lupe had to be resuscitated on site and she developed respiratory failure as a result, requiring mechanical ventilation to support her lungs. She was rushed to the hospital and stabilized, but as she was unable to be weaned from the ventilator, Lupe had to have a feeding tube placed to give her nutrition.


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Mr. B

A Good Deed Gone Wrong

On the morning of December 16, 2015, Antoinette came back to Kindred Hospital – not as a patient, but as the star of a video being filmed to celebrate her successful treatment and rehabilitation. Upon arrival, she was greeted by many staff members who were overcome with joy and emotion on seeing her again. It was a moment that won’t soon be forgotten by anyone there that day.

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Everyone Worked Together

John was working on his farm. He hopped off his tractor to shut a gate and his tractor kept moving. “I tried to jump on it, like a dummy, and fell,” John said. “The tractor ran over me.” 

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