Success Stories


Determined to get his health back and go home again

Thomas was doing work up on a tall ladder when he fell fifteen feet onto a scaffold. He was rushed to the hospital where surgeons treated him for numerous fractures and deep contusions throughout his body.

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Returning home to family

Juan was working at his job as a supervisor and enjoying family life with his wife and children when he developed an infection in his left shoulder that led to several serious complications. As his infection became worse and Juan lost range of motion due to pain, he became septic and developed respiratory failure.

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Going home after enduring respiratory failure and other complications

When Barbara began suffering from a chronic respiratory condition she had to be admitted to a general hospital. While at the facility and being treated for her respiratory condition, Barbara unfortunately sustained a fall and fractured her hip, further complicating her recovery as she went into acute respiratory failure and had to be placed on a ventilator.

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Staging a remarkable recovery after a car accident nearly claimed his life

Ricky was involved in an auto accident and sustained numerous fractures, including one to his pelvis. He was rushed to the hospital where he underwent several surgeries and began his journey to recovery.

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I am so excited to see my daughter again

Jeresa is the mother of a vivacious three-year-old girl and she was enjoying being a mom and participating in her community until she started getting headaches and developed an altered mental status.

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Finally Going Home

Tomasa was re-admitted to a general hospital just a few days after having had surgery to remove her gallbladder due to severe confusion. At the hospital, doctors determined that she was suffering from septic shock and immediately began treatment with IV antibiotics. She also required additional surgery to remove a leaking pancreatic duct that was causing Tomasa additional problems.


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I wanted to walk on my own again

Jerry has been undergoing dialysis treatments for his kidney disease and he was doing well, remaining active and participating in activities with his family and two children. Unfortunately when he missed just one dialysis treatment, he developed severe complications that included respiratory failure.


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Determined to Get Better

Lupe has a history of diabetes and even suffered from a previous stroke, but she had recovered and was managing her diabetes and living at home when she had a sudden cardiac arrest. Lupe had to be resuscitated on site and she developed respiratory failure as a result, requiring mechanical ventilation to support her lungs. She was rushed to the hospital and stabilized, but as she was unable to be weaned from the ventilator, Lupe had to have a feeding tube placed to give her nutrition.


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