Success Stories


I am grateful for the care I received here.

Barbara was admitted to a general hospital for a hernia repair surgery. Unfortunately, during the surgery she had an acute cardiac arrest and developed respiratory failure as well, requiring the placement of a ventilator. Unable to eat or drink anything, Barbara also had to have a feeding tube placed to administer nutrition.

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Remarkable Journey to Recovery

James came to Kindred Hospital Houston Northwest after having been hospitalized for respiratory failure and other complications. Physicians at the facility had placed him on a ventilator to support his lungs and given him a feeding tube as he was unable to eat.

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Recovery For The Most Important Walk Of His Life

Tim came to Kindred Hospital Houston Northwest after an episode of double pneumonia and septic shock. But he had a goal: To recover completely enough to escort his daughter down the aisle at her upcoming wedding. With the help of the hospital's interdisciplinary team of caregivers, Tim achieved his goal.

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Almost Back To Her Home Again

Alma is a vibrant woman that lives with her 2 best friends, her rescue dog, Sally, and her cat, Baby. "I love gardening and doing my needlework crafts - and I really miss my pets. I definitely look forward to going home again" she shared with us shortly before she left Kindred.

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On The Road Again

Pauline is an energetic woman who lives at home with her husband. Despite being on supplemental home oxygen, she enjoyed taking long walks, listening to music and playing with her three grandkids.

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After Two Years On A Ventilator, Irving Is Finally Able To Breathe On His Own

Irving had been struggling with the removal of the mechanical ventilator and tracheostomy that kept him alive for more two years. He had been in and out of the hospital ICU with respiratory failure several times until he was transferred to Kindred Hospital.

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Mr. R

A Return Home

Mr. R came to Kindred Hospital Houston Northwest in mid-August after six weeks at the Intensive Care Unit at a short-term acute care hospital, where he had received a triple bypass. However, other problems had developed, and Mr. R was experiencing multiple organ failure.

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An Unforgettable Recovery

Wayne was admitted to Kindred Hospital Houston Northwest for continued care and extended recovery time. He had initially been admitted to a short-term acute care hospital after being found unresponsive in a neighbor’s yard. 

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