Success Stories

Linda V.

"The Staff has Been Very Nurturing and Caring."

Linda has been passionate about art all her life and taught at Purdue University for 29 years. Although she loves all of the different disciplines she is most fond of sculpture and is an accomplished sculptor who was commissioned by another major university to debut an original piece in the fall of this year.

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Thankful for Being Alive

Margaret lives at home and loves to dote on her grandchildren, cook, bake and decorate cakes. When she developed persistent pain in her abdomen that progressively grew worse she finally went to the hospital at the insistence of her family where she was diagnosed to be suffering from a severe infection caused by flesh-eating bacteria.

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Looking Forward to Returning Home

Deborah was at her home in late February talking to her sister on the phone. “The next thing I knew was that I was waking up in a hospital!”

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Steady Progress Toward Recovery

Jo came to Kindred for advanced wound treatment after being admitted to a general hospital. Her wounds were very severe and the infections she had were highly acute, yet despite the treatment she was receiving at another facility she was not making sufficient progress. Unfortunately, her infections had taken a toll on her right foot and Jo had to have her right toe amputated to facilitate her recovery.

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Close to Going Home Again

Donald went to the hospital in the fall of last year to have a sore that had developed on his throat checked out. He also was experiencing swelling and soreness in his throat. The results couldn’t have been any worse – he was diagnosed with throat cancer and began radiation and chemotherapy immediately.

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Journey to Recovery Led Her Back Home

Carol, her family, and their three dogs had just moved into their brand-new custom home last year. They had barely settled in when Carol started experiencing problems breathing. She was rushed to a general hospital where she was diagnosed with respiratory failure and given an emergency tracheostomy and hooked up to a ventilator.

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Looking Forward to Going Home

Linda came to Kindred Hospital after suffering from respiratory and kidney failure. She required a tracheostomy and mechanical ventilation as well as hemodialysis to support her vital functions.

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Looking Forward to a New Chance at a Full Life

Cynthia was admitted to a general hospital for extensive surgery on her left foot. She suffered numerous complications that also included severe infection and tissue rejection from a skin graft that was placed to help heal the wound.

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Looking Forward to the Future Again

Harold came to Kindred Hospital Indianapolis North to recover from complex surgery and to begin rehab. 

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