Success Stories


She was talking on the phone – the next thing she knew, she woke up in the hospital.

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Advanced wound care has helped Jo make steady progress toward recovery.

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Despite a devastating disease and many more challenges, Donald is close to going home again. 

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Carol's JourneyTo Recovery Led Her Back Home

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Looking Forward to Going Home

Linda came to Kindred Hospital after suffering from respiratory and kidney failure. She required a tracheostomy and mechanical ventilation as well as hemodialysis to support her vital functions.

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Looking Forward To A New Chance At A Full Life

Cynthia was admitted to a general hospital for extensive surgery on her left foot. She suffered numerous complications that also included severe infection and tissue rejection from a skin graft that was placed to help heal the wound.

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Looking Forward To The Future Again

Harold came to Kindred Hospital Indianapolis North to recover from complex surgery and to begin rehab. 

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