Success Stories


"Thank you for everything you all have done for our brother."

Dale works as a cable installer and was very active and independent in his community. One day, while on the job, he was found lying on the ground by a good Samaritan who called 911. He was rushed to a general hospital where physicians diagnosed him as having suffered from an intracranial hemorrhage that was impairing the right side of his body, causing extreme weakness and serious problems with comprehension and speech. The acute stroke also caused Dale to develop respiratory failure and he had to be placed on a ventilator and given a feeding tube.

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"My team helped to keep me motivated."

Paul worked full time as a master electrician until he suddenly suffered from a heart irregularity that led to a cardiac arrest. He was rushed to the hospital and his physicians had to place him on a ventilator as he developed acute respiratory failure. He was diagnosed with several serious medical conditions, including diabetes. He was given a feeding tube and had to have a cardiac catheter and stent placed to stabilize his condition.

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“I came here with one foot in the grave and my team got me back on track.”

Kenneth fell in the bathroom and had to be taken to the hospital, where his condition rapidly deteriorated and he had to be placed on a ventilator. Additional complications presented even greater challenges to overcome, including septic shock brought on by cellulitis and pneumonia. Unable to take anything by mouth, Kenneth had to be given a feeding tube as well and he remained at the general hospital until he had been stabilized and was ready to be transferred to Kindred Hospital Mansfield for respiratory therapy and rehabilitation.

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After battling COVID-19, Jose is heading back home.

Jose had to be admitted to the hospital when he developed respiratory failure and was diagnosed to be suffering from COVID-19 that had led to acute pneumonia. He began treatment with high flow oxygen and Remdesivir as he lay face down for 10 days. Once he was stabilized he was transferred to Kindred Hospital Mansfield for respiratory therapy and rehabilitation.

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"I was a mess when I came here, and now I am walking out the door!"

Alberta is a semi-truck driver and one day while at work she fell and a truck rolled over her left leg, causing severe damage and fractures to her pelvis and femur. She was rushed to a general hospital where she underwent numerous surgeries to repair her fractures and also received extensive skin grafting and wound care.

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