Success Stories

Sally H

Her "Never Say Never" Attitude!

Sally H. came to Kindred Hospital following a month of intensive care and post-operative recovery at a general hospital. She was severely debilitated, dependent on a ventilator and a feeding tube, and unable to communicate. At the beginning of her stay at Kindred, her outcome wasn't certain and she is the first to admit she nearly gave up hope. But during the course of treatment, she began to regain strength and even though she had been bed-bound for four weeks, she started basic rehab in her bed. 

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Mr. H


Mr. H was admitted to a regional hospital in January of 2016 following complications related to a vascular procedure. His hospitalization was quickly compounded and he required surgery. He then had more complications including respiratory failure and prolonged ventilator dependence requiring a tracheostomy.

Mr. H was transferred to Kindred Hospital - Melbourne that month for continued medical care and to begin his rehabilitation. He was vent dependent; therefore unable to speak or eat and required assistance for all mobility.

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