Success Stories


With determination and faith, you can do it.

Jo-Ellen is a proud grandparent to 18 children, and when she is not spending time with family she loves to work on jigsaw and word-search puzzles. When she developed difficulty breathing she went to the ER and was subsequently admitted -- she was coughing up blood clots and reported that she was feeling sharp chest pains.

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If it hadn’t been for Kindred, I wouldn’t be where I am.

Wanda is a retired airline stewardess who flew all around the world for 38 years. In her retirement she has enjoyed playing bingo with friends, watching movies, walking and exercising.

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Anthony R

The knowledge of Kindred’s staff is mind-boggling!

Anthony loved to go boating and fishing and spending time with his family until one day he had to stay home from work because he was experiencing severe episodes of dizziness. At the hospital he was diagnosed with sepsis, flu, congestive heart failure and extremely low blood pressure which quickly led to acute respiratory failure, requiring physicians to place him on a ventilator to support his lungs. His kidneys also failed and Anthony was started on dialysis, IV antibiotics and given a feeding tube to administer nutrition.

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Anthony S

We are very grateful to his team here at Kindred

Anthony loved to play golf and watch sports until he suffered a fall that led him to be hospitalized. He subsequently had a stroke and had to undergo cranial surgery to remove blood clots in his brain. He developed additional complications, including pneumonia and infections, and started to receive IV antibiotic treatments. He was also placed on a ventilator to support his lungs.

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I am thankful to all that took care of me

Aniano is an avid gardener who loves to cultivate vegetables and flowers. He had been managing his diabetes and hypertension, but when he began to experience increasing episodes of shortness of breath and swelling in his legs he went to the local hospital. Physicians performed numerous tests and diagnosed Aniano to be suffering from heart disease requiring major surgery. He was transferred to an acute care hospital, underwent artery bypass surgery and subsequently developed respiratory failure, requiring a ventilator to support his breathing as well as a feeding tube as he was unable to take anything by mouth. 

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I am very grateful to live to be able to live and tell of another day

Lalita has faced several medical conditions, including asthma, diabetes, heart failure and stroke. Most recently when she developed an infection and had to be admitted to the hospital she developed a hemorrhage that led to shock and respiratory distress. She was placed on a ventilator and underwent procedures to resolve her infection and the removal of blood clots. Lalita was successfully stabilized, but physicians were unable to take her off the ventilator and she was transferred to Kindred Hospital New Jersey - Rahway for ongoing medical care, respiratory therapy and rehabilitation. 

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To everyone who took part in my father’s care – thank you!

John lived at home and enjoyed time spent with family, dancing and studying history. Just recently he was found unresponsive and lying on the floor of his bedroom and rushed to the hospital, where physicians determined he had suffered from a massive stroke and had to perform cranial surgery to relieve the pressure that had built up in his brain.

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I will do what I have to do so I can do what I want to do

Robert has struggled with heart and renal disease for some time and has to undergo regular dialysis treatments to support his failing kidneys. Just before the holidays last year Robert was travelling from his home in Ohio to New Jersey for his son’s funeral and missed a scheduled dialysis session. Unfortunately this event led to a torrent of medical complications and he had to be hospitalized for acute respiratory and kidney failure. 

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