Success Stories

Mr. Katz

Before and After Success Story

Mr. Katz was 62 years old when he was in a motorcycle accident that caused him to sustain multi-system trauma, which included: a severe laceration of the spleen, a liver laceration, multiple rib fractures, clavicle and scapular fractures. He also had respiratory failure that required a tracheostomy and prolonged mechanical ventilation, as well as a chest tube placement. Once he was stabilized at Ocala Regional Medical Center's Trauma Center, he came to Kindred Hospital - Ocala. 

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Recovering From an Accident

Shawn was admitted to a local trauma unit after being in a motorcycle vs. car accident. He sustained multiple traumas, including acute respiratory failure, which meant he needed to have a tube placed in his windpipe to help him breathe. This led to the placement of a PEG tube, which was placed in his stomach o help him get the nutrients he needed. Shawn sustained fractures of his ribs, cervical spine, left upper and right lower leg which required an amputation above the knee. Shawn also had a liver and kidney laceration. Once stabilized, he came to us at Kindred Hospital - Ocala with acute respiratory failure.

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Strong Enough to Go Home

John, 54, suffered a heart attack with septic shock and was admitted to a short-term hospital. He needed a transesophageal echocardiography (TEE), which is a diagnostic test that uses ultrasound waves to make images of the heart chambers, valves and surrounding structures. After the procedure, he went into cardiac arrest and suffered an embolic stoke, with left-sided weakness. John struggled with weaning off the ventilator, so he had a tracheostomy placed and needed a PEG tube in his stomach for nutrition. Soon, he finally moved off the ventilator and was breathing with a trach collar with 40 percent oxygen.

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