Success Stories


Bravely Fought Back

Two years ago, Diane was diagnosed with respiratory problems that doctors at first thought to be pneumonia. They began to treat her for this illness, but this was only the beginning of what would become a long journey to recovery – one which nearly claimed her life.


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Hopeful for the Future

Vickie broke her arm at the same time that she came down with a serious flu strain that led her to develop pneumonia. At the hospital where she was being treated, she was also found to have a severe staph infection and kidney failure – she also had an internal bleed in her digestive system.


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Grateful to go Home

Nathaniel is a veteran of the Vietnam War who received a Purple Heart for wounds received during the conflict. He went on to obtain a PhD in theology and was most recently teaching at the San Antonio Theological College.


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Recovering from Respiratory Failure

Due to pneumonia and COPD, Diana was admitted to a hospital suffering from respiratory failure. She was placed on a ventilator and eventually required a tracheotomy.

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