Success Stories

Vai Vai

Back Home Again

Vai Vai was admitted to Kindred Hospital with respiratory failure and was dependent on a mechanical ventilator to assist with his breathing.

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Continuing His Journey to Get Back Home

Gregory was admitted to the hospital for emergency surgery on July 4th. He developed numerous complications, including sepsis, stroke and necrotizing pneumonia resulting in respiratory failure and ventilator dependence. In all, he was facing a very difficult recovery.

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Returning Back Home

Donna L. had a complicated medical course that resulted in several chronic non-healing wounds and left her very weakened due to being hospitalized and bedridden for nearly three years. After a multi-year stay at a short-stay hospital, she was admitted to Kindred Hospital for continued treatment with the goal of getting her back home.

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Working Hard to get Back Home

Gary E. was the victim of a motorcycle accident that resulted in multiple fractures, brain injury and rib fractures resulting in respiratory failure. He was admitted to Kindred Hospital dependent on a ventilator to breathe and suffering from severe neurologic and physical impairments due to the accident. But Gary was fortunate to have a supportive family to help him through this very difficult time.

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