Immediate Cease of Visitation

At Kindred Healthcare, we respect and promote the patient’s right to designate visitors of their choosing and to accommodate visitation whenever possible. For health and safety reasons, there are certain circumstances that require visitation to be restricted. During the current public health situation in regards to coronavirus, our visitor policy has been temporarily amended to reflect infection control safety concerns.

Due to the identification of a new positive COVID-19 case, the facility must immediately cease all indoor and outdoor visitations. Visitation is prohibited until the facility achieves a continuous 14-day period without a facility-onset of a patient or staff COVID-19 case.

Essential Caregivers and Compassionate Care Visitors maybe still permitted and will be handled by each site’s Infection Control Department and administrative leaders.

We will continue to provide technology capabilities that will allow you to FaceTime with your family member or loved one who is in our hospital. FaceTime is a video conferencing application used on Apple devices such as iPhones, iPads, iMacs, or MacBooks. We also have the ability to video conference via Zoom.  With assistance from a member of our care team, your family member or loved one will be able to call you using FaceTime at a scheduled time.   

We hope that offering this resource will help provide a sense of comfort to you and your family, and raise the spirit of your loved one as they continue their road to recovery in our hospital.

Kindred recognizes that patients with certain disabilities may need additional assistance due to the specific circumstances of their disability.  This additional assistance may, depending on the type of disability, include a designated support person that needs to be physically present at certain times in order to assist with communication or other intellectual or cognitive needs.  Such designated support persons are not considered visitors.  If a patient with a disability requires such an accommodation during their hospitalization, the facility will work with the patient and patient’s family to determine an appropriate care plan and will include precautions taken to contain the spread of infection.  These precautions may include limiting the designated support person to one individual, requiring Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for the designated support person (including masks, gloves, and gowns), limiting access to parts of the facility, and screening protocols as deemed necessary by the facility.

If you have questions or need additional information, please call 954-926-6838 to speak with a hospital representative.