Success Stories



A Survivor – Now She’s One Step Closer To Going Home

Many patients come to Kindred Hospital of South Philadelphia with severe medical challenges that can be more than frightening – Diane was such a patient.

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Charles Maintains A Positive Outlook To Help Him Overcome The Odds

Charles came to Kindred Hospital for wound treatment and recovery. He is a veteran of the Armed Forces and has been through a rough stretch as of late in his battle against cancer.

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Life Saving Treatment

Gloria, 55, became extremely ill after surgery at a short-term acute care hospital to repair her colon. Post-operatively, Gloria had multiple fistulas, post surgical complications, as well as associated infections. Gloria also had a 40-year medical history with chronic pain syndrome.

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Father John Overcame A Long Road To Recovery To Return To His Calling

Father John was born in New York and has spent the last 20 years working in South America as a missionary priest. Early in September of 2016, he suffered a heart attack and was resuscitated while in Quito, Ecuador.

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Sabra Is Now Looking Forward To Raising Her Voice In Song

One morning last August Sabra awoke to severe breathing difficulty. Over the course of several months she went to the hospital several times, and toward the end of the year physicians even told her family there was a strong possibility that Sabra was not going to survive.

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A Sudden Illness Sent Valerie To The Hospital - She Is Now Back Home

Valerie remembers the night she was at home enjoying a fun evening watching TV with her family and friends – she did not expect what happened next.

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A Visit To The Hospital Was The Start Of A Very Long Journey

November 3, 2016, is a date that Kim will never forget. On this day she checked into a local hospital because she was feeling intense chest and abdominal discomfort. 

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