Success Stories


"Thank you to all the staff at Kindred for helping me recover."

Bobby is a professional musician who lives at home with his wife and son. When he began to develop a fever, cough and shortness of breath that became progressively worse, he had to be admitted to the hospital and was diagnosed with pneumonia brought on by COVID-19. Physicians treated Bobby with plasma and antibiotics and he was able to be transferred a few weeks later to Kindred Hospital Tarrant County - Fort Worth Southwest.

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"My family and I are very grateful to everyone here at Kindred."

Jeff came to Kindred Hospital Tarrant County - Fort Worth Southwest after having been hospitalized for severe injuries sustained in a car accident. He sustained an acute head injury and multiple fractures and had to be placed on a ventilator and feeding tube. Once he had undergone multiple surgeries and had been stabilized he was able to be transferred.

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"I’m very grateful to all the staff at Kindred for aiding with my quick recovery."

Tracie lived an active lifestyle and worked for the school system. One day she began to feel shortness of breath and increasing weakness.

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After fighting COVID-19, Fidencio looks to getting back to normal.

Fidencio lived an active and healthy lifestyle until he started to feel increasing weakness and difficulty breathing.

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"I am very grateful for the progress I made here at Kindred."

Paul was enjoying his life and was active in his community until he suffered a heart attack and had to be rushed to the hospital. He was found to be suffering from numerous heart complications and his physicians were also able to diagnose that he had suffered from a very extreme heart attack due to severe arterial blockage.

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Michael A

"I am looking forward to returning home with my family!"

Michael had to be hospitalized when he became seriously ill and developed a very high fever, and had to be readmitted several times as his condition persisted. His initial treatments addressed the complexity of his illness and he experienced several setbacks before he was able to be transferred to Kindred Hospital Tarrant County – Fort Worth Southwest to receive respiratory therapy and rehabilitation.

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"We can’t believe the progress he has made during his stay here."

Larry lived at home with his wife until he had to be hospitalized for a severe pulmonary condition that was diagnosed as influenza B. After he had been admitted, Larry suffered a massive stroke and had to have emergency cranial surgery.

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Michael W

"I am extremely thankful for all the help I received here at Kindred."

Michael is a devoted family man who, even though he was undergoing chemotherapy treatment for cancer, was still working up to the point when he started to experience pronounced swelling in his lower extremities. He was seen at a hospital and then discharged but had to return a few days later with shortness of breath.

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Looking Forward To Getting His Life Back

Gary was in a motorcycle accident that nearly took his life. He had serious injuries to his face and body, and the blow he sustained to his head resulted in a major brain injury.

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Well On Her Way To Regaining Her Independence

Patsy suffered a fall that resulted in a traumatic injury to her brain. She was rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery that required a portion of her skull to be temporarily removed to relieve the pressure building inside from the injury.

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Deborah W

Her chest pain was much more serious than she expected – now Deborah is close to going home again.

Deborah was admitted to a general hospital for chest pain. The diagnosis of unstable angina pectoris required her to undergo a coronary artery bypass surgery. Unfortunately, complications including cardiac shock and a stroke led to respiratory failure and she had to be given a tracheostomy in order for a ventilator to support her breathing.

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Looking Forward To The Future Again

A sever pulmonary infection put his life on hold – now Donald is looking forward to the future again.

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