Explore Our Hospital

Our hospital has a lot to offer you and your loved one on the journey to improved health. Please check out our virtual tour, photo gallery and more to get a better understanding of where you and your loved one will be during the stay. If you have any questions about visitation that is not mentioned in the Visitor Information section, please be sure to give us a call!

Virtual Tour

Kindred Hospital Tomball is excited to offer this virtual tour of our building.

Photo Gallery

KH_HoustonTomball_Exterior_FIN_7722_ KH_HoustonTomball_Exterior_FIN_7731_ KH_HoustonTomball_Exterior_FIN_7746_ KH_HoustonTomball_HyperbericChamber_FIN_7560_ KH_HoustonTomball_Lobby_FIN_7527_ KH_HoustonTomball_PatientRoom_FIN_7627_ KH_HoustonTomball_PhysicalTherapy_FIN_7653_ KH_HoustonTomball_PhysicalTherapy_FIN_7655_ KH_HoustonTomball_PhysicalTherapy_FIN_7658_ KH_HoustonTomball_NurseStation_FIN_7646_ KH_HoustonTomball_Radiology_FIN_7580_ KH_HoustonTomball_Waiting_FIN_7621_ KH_HoustonTomball_Lobby_FIN_7533_ KH_HoustonTomball_Lobby_FIN_7538_ KH_HoustonTomball_XRay_FIN_7616_ KH_HoustonTomball_HyperbericChamber_FIN_7558_