Success Stories


Jonathans’ Journey to Recovery

Jonathan was severely injured in a motor vehicle accident and was admitted to the ER for treatment. His condition was so serious he required a tracheostomy and full ventilator support, and as he was unable to eat, he also depended on a nasal feeding tube.

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After two months in the hospital, Maria is one step closer to going home

Maria was admitted to Kindred Hospital with an extensive bacterial infection that had spread rapidly across her right side, abdomen and thigh.

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Santos is looking forward to returning home with his family

Santos was admitted to Kindred Hospital from a nearby medical center for treatment of sepsis. He was suffering from complications following extensive abdominal surgeries and came to Kindred for nutritional management, antibiotic therapy, wound care, and physical rehabilitation.

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William S.

Going Home Again

William was admitted to Kindred Hospital after being hospitalized for acute respiratory failure due to congestive heart failure. When he arrived he was very weak and required significant assistance to get up and walk even a short distance.

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