Kindred Behavioral Health

For decades, Kindred has been dedicated to the hope, healing and recovery of the most medically complex patients. This mission is equally appropriate for those suffering from behavioral health issues.

America’s healthcare system is experiencing a significant, and increasing, need for high-quality behavioral health services. The demand for all age-ranges – particularly the nation’s rapidly growing aging population – is not being adequately met. In fact, estimates suggest that roughly 20 percent of the U.S. population may have needed, but did not receive behavioral health care services.

In order to appropriately meet the current – and future – behavioral health needs of their patient populations, hospitals and health systems need a quality partner that can effectively and efficiently manage a behavioral health program that best meets the needs of patients, partners and communities.

Enter Kindred Behavioral Health, the new service line of Kindred Healthcare, a leader in treating medically complex and rehab-intensive patients through partnerships, innovation, and quality. In addition to behavioral health offerings, Kindred is a leader in transitional care hospitals, the leading inpatient rehabilitation hospital joint-venture provider in the U.S., and a premier provider of contract therapy services in 46 states.

Kindred Behavioral Health partners with hospitals and health systems to build or optimize behavioral health programs and best serve the behavioral health needs of patients in your community.

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