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Expand Access to Quality Behavioral Healthcare Through Partnership

For decades, Kindred has been dedicated to the hope, healing and recovery of the most medically complex patients. This mission applies equally to those suffering from behavioral health issues. While the need is great, running a successful behavioral health program is complex and requires specialized expertise, different from the rest of a hospital’s core competencies. 

Kindred Behavioral Health helps partner hospitals expand access to quality behavioral health services in local communities nationwide through contract management and joint-venture partnerships. We help partners improve clinical and operational outcomes by leveraging Kindred’s expert medical, mental health, substance abuse and operational expertise. Learn more about partnering with Kindred Behavioral Health.

We specialize in compassionate behavioral health services, including crisis stabilization for acute mental health and substance use disorders. Our philosophy is built on a psychosocial model of care and follows the core principles of resilience, recovery and restoration.

By addressing the growing behavioral health patient population with the help of a trusted partner, health systems can not only address a pressing social challenge, but also improve healthcare outcomes, reduce healthcare costs, and create a happier and healthier community.

Learn more about the types of treatment offered by Kindred Behavioral Health.

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