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About Us

Kindred Behavioral Health is dedicated to helping hospitals and health systems expand access to needed behavioral health services and providing excellent care across the behavioral health continuum through joint-venture and contract management partnership.

Having a partner like Kindred Behavioral Health can benefit your hospital by alleviating the burden of implementing and optimizing a successful behavioral health program, while still offering this needed service within your system.

One size does not fit all for behavioral health needs. We achieve superior partnership and facility outcomes by integrating customized solutions to meet your community’s unique needs, while also matching the mission and values of your hospital.

These qualities, coupled with the integration of the latest innovative solutions and training protocols, have enabled us to become a leader in treating patients with mental health and substance use disorders.

Kindred Behavioral Health operates both inpatient and outpatient behavioral health programming throughout the country, whether in one of our wholly-owned facilities or through partnership with hospitals and health systems. 

To learn more about Kindred Behavioral Health could help your hospital or health system meet the growing behavioral health need in your community, contact us today.